Synagogue torched by Arabs in Lod: Watch Video


Yoni Kempinski (INN)

Border Police soldiers on Thursday night arrested 43 people – most of them Muslim Arabs – suspected of disturbing order in the central city of Lod.

Late Thursday night, violent incidents began to develop at several locations around Lod. The disturbances of order included rock attacks and firebombing security forces. There were also several shooting incidents and arson attacks on synagogues and other public buildings, as well as streetfights which continued to cause great damage to property and to city infrastructure.

Border Police forces at the scenes of the conflicts and gatherings dispersed the suspects using riot dispersal methods and arrested 43 of the suspects.

“Border Police fighters will continue to be deployed in large forces in Lod over the weekend as well. They will continue to arrest additional rioters and will act determinedly in order to return order,” a police statement said.

One of the synagogues which Arabs set fire to Thursday night was the Dossa synagogue in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod. Damage was caused to the front courtyard and one of the building’s rooms, but the synagogue itself was not harmed.

The synagogue is the fourth to be torched this week by Arabs in Lod.

The Dossa synagogue was founded by Janakh Dossa, who immigrated to Israel from Tunis in the 1960s. It served as the central synagogue for residents of various ethnicities who lived in nearby neighborhoods. As the years passed, the Jewish population left the neighborhood and the synagogue was abandoned, destroyed, and burned.

In 2014, the synagogue was renovated by students at the pre-military academy in Lod, and a core group of families from nearby neighborhoods began to return and operate it. In the synagogue, older remnants from the burnt synagogue can be seen, including a bookshelf with glass doors which contained holy objects that were destroyed, and an old sign saying, “I have placed G-d before me always,” which was restored.