Suspect in Bronx Synagogue Vandalism Released Due to New Bail Reform Laws


(TJVNEWS.COM) Less than 24 hours after he was arrested by police, the man authorities say was behind numerous hate-crime-related vandalism in Riverdale, was released from custody.

29-year-old Jordan Burnette, faced 42 charges, including burglary, criminal mischief, aggravated harassment and criminal trespassing all as hate crimes.  Authorities say Burnette was responsible for smashing windows and cars at Jewish Synagogues throughout the Riverdale section of the Bronx, 770WABC reported.

Fox News reported:

The suspect, 29-year-old Jordan Burnette, was granted supervised release by Judge Tara Collins in Bronx Criminal Court — hours after he was ordered held on bail on 42 charges stemming from his alleged 11-day crime spree, Patrice O’Shaughnessy, a spokeswoman for the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, said.

Under New York State law, a suspect hit with Burnette’s charges cannot be held on bail.

Burnette’s charges are considered under new bail reform laws as “non-violent crimes” which caused no injury to others, which allows Burnette to walk free, without even having to post bail.

Judge Louis Nock, had earlier Sunday ordered Burnette be held in lieu of $20,000 — even though prosecutors insisted the man had to be sprung under the state’s controversial bail-reform laws.

Prior to January 2000, bail would have been applicable.