Palestinian Thugs Terrorize NYC- Attack Jews at Pro-Israel Rally - The Jewish Voice
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Friday, December 2, 2022

Palestinian Thugs Terrorize NYC- Attack Jews at Pro-Israel Rally

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By Jared Evan

Chaos unfolded in NYC’s Diamond District and in Times Square as aggressive Palestinian protestors, assailed Jews, ran wild in the street, brawled with Israel supporters in Times Square, and even tossed an explosive device at a business in broad daylight.

Reports emerged from police sources that at least 4 officers were injured during several hours of chaos, as the protestors, blocked traffic, harassed Jews, screamed “f**k you Zionists” at Jews; as the thugs, first drove a caravan of cars thru the City, followed by taking to the streets.

Little has been reported in most mainstream NYC media of the events that transpired.

A group of Jewish New Yorkers and supporters of Israel, held a rally in Times Square as well, which was quickly crashed by the Hamas sympathetic hooligans, and brawls in the street between Palestinians and Israel supporters broke out.

Earlier, Palestinians drove a caravan of cars down 47th Street in the Diamond District in New York City Thursday evening–an area known for its Jewish-owned businesses–and threw a small firebomb that exploded on the sidewalk. The bomb went off with a loud bang and smoke was seen, however, it did not appear to injure anyone. A scorch mark and a fragment of the bomb could be seen on the sidewalk in front of the diamond business, Gateway Pundit reported.

The NYPD claims the explosive device was 2 commercial fireworks, thrown from a car

A man was also seen injured on the floor around the time of the explosive going off, apparently unrelated to the explosion.

Reports from several Jewish media sources have claimed various, attacks with fireworks on Jews have taken place in NYC.

As night fell and the Pro Israel event ended, the Hamas fanciers, harassed people trying to enjoy dinner outdoors, by spitting in their face, as they marched up the street, terrorizing the city.

Several Palestinian protestors were reportedly arrested, however by most accounts the police were quite restrained and let a lot of chaos transpire. NY Post reported at least 19 arrests.

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