Letters to the Editor


Keep Staff After Chaim Deutsch Expulsion

Dear Editor:

Right after the 48th District Council seat was vacated last week, I wrote to the Speaker urging him to retain the district office staff so that constituents wouldn’t lose their continuity of services. Today, the whole staff — many of whom I’ve worked with — was informed that they’ll be losing their jobs in July. This is a sad day for the people of the 48th District, especially for the many seniors and immigrants who’ve worked with the same district staff for years and regard them not only as their lifeline but as their long time friends.

Constituent services are apolitical. There is nothing Democratic or Republican about fixing potholes or applying for SNAP or rent freezes. The Speaker will replace the district staff with central staff who don’t have any connections to this district, don’t speak the languages of this district, and haven’t established the level of trust with the residents that makes constituent services most effective. Laying off a staff that has always been there for the district is unfair, pointless and damaging and I urge the Speaker to reconsider. Ultimately, it’s the vulnerable people of the district who will suffer the consequences.

Mariya Markh

Lack of Preparedness at Mt Meron

Dear Editor:

Concerning the horrifying tragedy that took place at Mount Meron on Lag B’Omer, I am still in a state of shock at the carnage that took place and the fact that 45 precious souls were taken from Klall Yisroel. I must say that I am of the opinion that this was a tragedy just waiting to happen. When exceptionally large gatherings of this nature take place in a relatively small area, that is a recipe for disaster. And if you compound that with the religious fervor that is wafting in the air and the high energy levels, I can sadly envisage a scenario in which panic can erupt when people cannot access safe egress from the kever.

Earlier, I had read an article in which it was stated that the police who were assigned to arrange security measures for the event had advance knowledge that there were serious shortcomings endangering the pilgrimage, with a police review before the disastrous evening highlighting the specific danger at the location where the 45 people died. This was reported by Channel 13 in Israel.

The article also stated that a police PowerPoint presentation prepared before the event obtained by the Channel 13 shows that security officials were acutely aware of several major trouble spots at the Mount Meron site that could not safely contain the throngs of people expected to attend.

I had also heard that the reason that police placed barricades on the normal exits was for the purpose of maintaining social distancing in these days of the coronavirus. I guess my question is if the police already admitted that they had full knowledge of the expected number of people and the fact that they would be dancing and praying for hours as they stood shoulder to shoulder, why would the police even entertain the ridiculous notion that any form of social distancing could be maintained?

What also came to mind is, what if the bonfires that were lit would have, G-d forbid, started raging out of control? What would the police have done them in terms of unblocking the exits? The facts remain that any number of frightening scenarios could have taken place in such a huge setting. I would surmise that this national tragedy will be in the forefront of everybody’s minds for many years to come. WE can only offer out fervent prayers to the One Above that this nightmarish situation will never, ever be replicated.

Shabtai Teitelberg

New School of Equity Opens

Dear Editor:

I am proud to be the first graduate of the newly opened School of Equity, founded on the principles of Moral Relativism. “The Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction says the focus on finding the right answer is an example of White Supremacy…upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.” Remember the days when if you were struggling with math, you got tutored with the goal of pushing yourself to achieve the right answers, and in the process, develop inner resources which would serve to help you later in life? What were we thinking? Now, 2 plus 2 can equal whatever the student wants it to be. What a relief! No more silly wrong or right answers! And no more conflict over wrong answers. Now doctors, airline pilots, surgeons, teachers, can graduate from Schools of Equity with no grades, no tests, no entry exams, no shaming over “objective” answers.

Today, a store clerk gave me what she felt was an “equitable amount in change back” for my purchase and if I had a complaint, I could go to the “Office of DNA White Supremacy” for Re-education Training, or to the “Persons of Color Office” to get an instant Reparations Check for the full amount, plus damages for my suffering.

It took some doing but we did it! Everyone is equally smart, equally qualified, equally competent. No one can ever again be fired for incompetence. No student will ever fail any courses again in the Utopia of Equality and Equity, all rolled into one. I confess I just hope they operate on the “right” limb, when I next have surgery. But of course there are no “right” or “wrong” limbs anymore. All are equally up for grabs.

   Kyle Jenkins