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Jewish Summer Camp Bans Those Vaccinated From COVID

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By: Jared Evan

With summer camp approaching and with the infection rates going down from the relative success of the vaccines, some camps are even thinking about loosening the rules and allowing children to go without masks; one Jewish camp is going a different direction, and they are barring any vaccinated camper or staff from attending at all.

A private school in Miami made news for discouraging teachers from getting the vaccine and telling children they were not to have contact with vaccinated people, and Camp Hikon, planned for Upstate New York is following suit.

JTA News reported: the camp’s announcement also comes as posters encouraging people not to get the COVID-19 vaccines appeared in Midwood, Brooklyn, the Orthodox neighborhood where one member of the founding team runs a natural foods store.

Camp Hikon is aiming to prepare yeshiva boys for what it calls the “political, environmental and economic” changes to come, JTA reported.

The camp’s website cites the “experimental nature” of the COVID-19 vaccines and refers people to an anti-vaccination health site for more information. “We regret that we will be unable to accept campers or counselors who have already received any of these injections,” according to the website.

The new experimental camp was started by Naftali Schwartz, the Brooklyn-based self-described “health coach”, as per JTA.

Schwartz said he made the rule because of “suspicious symptoms that occur to unvaccinated people who have spent a lot of time in the company of vaccinated people.”

“It’s also been reported to me from parents of my to-be campers that this is a real thing and it’s worrisome,” Schwartz said.

It appears Schwartz is basing this off the rare occurrence of infection via vaccine shedding. Vaccine shedding is a term used for the release of virus following administration of a live-virus vaccine, this has been documented medically, and is a normal part of the traditional vaccine process, however infection via the shedding is extremely rare. There were several shedding infections with oral polio vaccine in the 1950s.

Most experts claim shedding is impossible with killed vaccines, RNA vaccines or those made using only isolated proteins (most vaccines fall into one of these two classes), but a small number of vaccines contain live attenuated virus which can theoretically infect others, according to medical information.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines, and the Johnson and Johnson uses more traditional virus-based technology. Those who believe the vaccinated, can spread COVID, have an unproven hypothesis, which is not completely made up out of thin air, but is still highly unlikely.

Anti-Vaccination researchers claim, that after you get a COVID-19 vaccine, your body gets the instructions to make the COVID-19 spike protein, starts making those proteins, but doesn’t know how to turn it off, so you end up making so much spike protein that it comes out of your sweat, saliva, and even your breath, and you can get others sick this way. While not totally “insane conspiracy”, this theory is nothing to lose sleep over, and is overblown panic.

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