Irresponsible Erdogan Going Berserk Again

This guy who has put behind bars thousands of his own people who cry out for democracy, lashed out last week against Israel calling it, “a cruel, terrorist state.” Photo Credit: AP

The Free World’s leaders must take their “evil eye” focus off Iran for a bit and begin taking seriously the growing threat to them from Turkey’s President-for-Life, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His latest gambit are plans for building a canal right through the heart of his nation’s major city, Istanbul, replacing the natural waterway, the Bosporus, as the connecting maritime artery between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Turkey would then control all shipping through this channel. Erdogan would be breaking the pre-WWII Montreux Treaty signed by his nation and other major maritime nations for freedom of the seas. View this as another Panama or Suez canal vital to the nations of the world in the hands of a ruthless, lawless dictator.

Erdogan lives, breathes and wishes to be the modern Sultan of a worldwide, Sharia conforming Caliphate. Take him seriously. He has the support of other Muslim dominated nations such as Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Somalia, Yemen, Libya’s GNA, the Palestinians and the thugs of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The latter has a firm foothold in our country through the Congress of American Islamic Relations (CAIR,) the spokespeople for the Muslim community and its supporters in the Democrat Party. He must be considered a lunatic and handled as such. Back in 2016, he is quoted as telling his people: “When Erdogan is gone, Turkey is destroyed.” His pugnacious, combative foreign policy has already led to maritime confrontation with Greece and his hatred for Israel is no secret.

This guy who has put behind bars thousands of his own people who cry out for democracy, lashed out last week against Israel calling it, “a cruel, terrorist state.” And this was prompted by Israeli authorities putting down Palestinian rioters in Jerusalem who were celebrating Ramadan with their normal violence against Jews. “We will continue to be at the side of our Palestinian brothers and sisters in all circumstances.” If you recall, back in 2010, Erdogan backed a flotilla of ships from Turkey that attempted to break the Israel blockade of Hamas’ Gaza. When Israel’s navy stopped them a bloody confrontation resulted in deaths on both sides. Relations have never been repaired, only because the Turkish dictator sees Israel as depicted in the Koran, as a nation of infidels that have to be erased. And the worldwide Christian community is viewed by radical Muslims in the same light. They are a despised people and must suffer the same fate as Jews…..extinction.

Erdogan is a man to be taken seriously. He has his goals of world domination for his Muslim religion. He practices “taqqiya,” the Arabic word for “deception.” Lying, breaking treaties and making false promises is an accepted manner of treating infidels according to their book of laws, the Koran. And this leader of modern day Turkey, is a skilled practitioner of that art. The world must be wary and concerned that he has so much power in his hands. Keep your eye on his next move. He feels he is acting as Allah’s warrior and that spells trouble for us all.