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Between a rock attack in Jerusalem and the lynch in Manhattan

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Howard Sipzner

MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) has welcomed the news of a ceasefire with Hamas and has called for a resumption of talks in order to “forestall the next time around.”

“It’s great that we have reached a ceasefire and just a pity that the conflict couldn’t have been prevented before it started,” she said. “The sole question now is how to prevent the next conflict from breaking out, and the answer is: Peace talks”.

“There’s no military solution to this conflict,” she insisted. “The current government’s policy of strengthening Hamas and turning a cold shoulder to the Palestinian Authority has the purpose of avoiding reaching a true solution on a state level – but that is the only way to ensure a life of peace and security here.”

I think you and many on the left are very naive. Until you understand that Hamas, most Palestinians and far too many Israeli Arabs want us dead or gone, you will cling to these foolish notions of peace with the enemy. Your weakness only encourages them to continue attacking as they only understand an iron fist. They interpret any compromise as a sign that we are weak and ready to give in. The first lesson of war is to understand your enemy. The fact that Hamas places their rockets in homes, hospitals, and schools should tell you everything you need to know. I am deeply troubled that people of your mindset are involved in the government of Israel. There is still time to correct your ways.

By the way, I am an American visiting Israel. On the night of Yom Yerushalayim, we were accosted by an Arab rock-throwing mob near Hebrew University. That was after sirens went off at the Kotel. Two nights later, we spent time in a bomb shelter in Rehobot. And last night in NYC, my nephew was beaten up by Arab thugs. The internet is full of similar attacks throughout the world.

All these things are related.

Anti-semitism and anti-Zionism are exploding.

Know your enemy.

Howard Sipzner is an American citizen visiting his son who lives in Israel in the community of Beit El

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