NY Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Trump World Tower Condo Sold by Creditors

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a socialite known as ‘Catwoman’ for her looks following extensive plastic surgery, had her residence sold by creditors. Credit: Yahoo

By Benyamin Davidsons

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a socialite known as ‘Catwoman’ for her looks following extensive plastic surgery, had her residence sold by creditors.  As reported by the NY Post, one of three condo units she owned at the Trump World Tower in Midtown Manhattan has been sold.  An administrator appointed by her creditors sold the single unit on the 51st floor of the Midtown East tower for $2 million.

Wildenstein, formerly a big spender, had owned three units at the luxury tower and combined the units, demolishing several walls, to create a five-bedroom, 5,160-square-foot single residence.  The unit was sold gutted, and stripped of all its former glory, beautiful fixtures and furniture.

Swiss-born Wildenstein, 80, had been married to the late billionaire and art dealer Alec Wildenstein.  The couple had a messy divorce in 1999, and she was reportedly awarded a whopping $2.5 billion in the divorce settlement. Somehow, she made it from billionaire to bankrupt.

The combined three units at the Trump World Tower, located at 845 United Nations Plaza between 47th and 47th streets, were first put up for sale by Wildenstein in 2015 asking $17.5 million.  The residence didn’t sell and was relisted for $13 million in February 2017, but to no avail. By 2018, Wildenstein filed for bankruptcy.  The two remaining units, from her combined apartment are still up for sale, for a total price of $5.6 million, but they can also be sold individually.  The apartments are side-by-side but not connected, and they boast views of the Empire State Building, the East River,  and the Chrysler Building.

The 72-floor luxury apartment building, completed by Donald Trump in 2001, reportedly has 376 units and has boasted apartment sales to many well-known rich and famous figures.  Some of the illustrious names to have owned apartments in the building include Bill Gates, Harrison Ford, Sophia Loren, Yankees Star Derek Jeter and Kellyanne Conway.  The building was briefly the tallest all-residential tower in the world.  It was also once famed as the New York City’s most valuable condo tower, getting assessed at $238 million in 2016.

As per the Real Deal, the last major apartment sold at the posh building was in mid-December 2020, with a $9 million unit sold to Steven Maksin, CEO of Moonbeam Capital Investments, and his wife Natalie.