My Pillow’s Mike Lindell Claims that “Bots and Trolls” Are Behind a Petition to Stop Retailers from Carrying His Product - The Jewish Voice
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My Pillow’s Mike Lindell Claims that “Bots and Trolls” Are Behind a Petition to Stop Retailers from Carrying His Product

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Former President Donald Trump’s good pal is claiming that “bots and trolls” are the culprits behind a petition to encourage major retailers not to carry his product. Most of us know him as the “My Pillow” guy but his name is Mike Lindell and his political views have been used to ride him out of town on the rails.

The New York Post reported that because Lindell is thoroughly convinced that the 2020 presidential election was literally stolen from Trump due to fraudulent vote counting, he is now being punished by the forces on the political left. Lindell is so convinced that he is absolutely correct about the voter tampering and widespread illegalities on election day and thereafter that he has hired a team of private detectives to prove it.

Speaking to the Post in a candid interview, the “My Pillow” and “Giza Sheets” spokesperson and founder of the company took aim at a petition that has been circulating demanding that such retailers as Amazon, Walmart and Costco stop selling his product. The petition was launched by and allegedly has garnered about 105,000 signatures.

Lindell told the Post on Wednesday that, “This petition was put up by companies that are full of bots and trolls. All they’ve done is attack retailers. These are hired groups to attack retailers.”

While Lindell could not come up with substantive evidence to prove his claim, he said he is still trying to figure it out.

The “MY Pillow” CEO told the Post that, “I’ve hired investigators out of my own pocket, huge companies to investigate who’s behind these because somebody ordered these attacks., they’re probably another attack group. We’re gonna find out who’s doing this to our country.”

Currently, Lindell’s television commercials are being aired on a fairly frequent basis on Newsmax TV.

The Post reported that is an online petition company with 400 million users. In response to Lindell’s claims, said that the MyPillow campaign was started by a real person and that all the signatures are authentic. The company also noted that other users have started petitions supporting Lindell, as was reported by the Post.

In a statement given to the Post by a representative of, it said, “Our engineering team puts significant resources toward spam detection and prevention, from removing fake or inactive emails and verifying the authenticity of our users’ email addresses to monitoring petitions for suspicious signatures. If we are made aware of any fraudulent signatures, we remove them immediately — and in this case, we can confirm that the signatures on this petition are not fraudulent.”

In January, Lindell alleged that Dominion Voting Systems had hired “bots and trolls and went after all my vendors.” For their part, Dominion has filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit against Lindell for his accusations that the company stole votes from Trump, as was reported by the Post.

Moreover, the Post reported that Lindell’s repeated claims that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump has already resulted in some 22 retailers dropping My Pillow products, which he has estimated cost him about $65 million in sales.

The Post reported that the petition was initiated by a California man named James Lanigan in the middle of January. The petition calls for the nation’s largest retailers to stop selling MyPillow products, including Bed Bath & Beyond, which has previously said it would phase out the products.

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