MLB Strikes Out in its Boycott of Georgia

The leaders of Major League Baseball (MLB) are sending out the wrong signals

The leaders of Major League Baseball (MLB) are sending out the wrong signals and making major errors in their overt, politically based decision to follow President Biden’s suggestion to punish the state of Georgia for their new voting rules by moving this year’s All Star game out of the state. Did our president once consider just who will be hurt by this act of foolishness? The sport is already reeling from last year’s, destroyed by Covid season, with most teams playing only 62 of the scheduled 162 games. And for years, fans have been losing interest over the boring slowness of the game.

We predict, this move will be the death knell of America’s favorite pastime. But whom does this decision really hurt? Not the falsely perceived “racists,” but those ordinary blue collar people employed in airports, hotels, restaurants, the cabbies, ushers, vendors and on and on. Atlanta stands to lose well over $100 million in tourism revenue from this poor call. The city, largely black, is trying to overcome a horror year that saw stymied growth and loss of needed revenue. They’re being trampled. They don’t have to suffer further.

But getting back to this voting rights thing. Stacy Abrams, the defeated, angry, black, female, candidate for governor of Georgia, chimed in after the president’s message by characterizing the law as an “atrocity” and a “voter suppression” bill. Biden brought out that water was not to be distributed to those waiting on line to vote in elections. “Come on, It’s cruel, man!” He neglected to say that water distributed by politicians and their honcho volunteer supporters was prohibited as should be the case. No one is prevented from bringing drinks with them, nor for cities to supply water to those on line.

The fiercely liberal Washington Post gave Biden four pinocchio’s for his comments attacking the bill. But the President is enthusiastic about the upcoming Olympics to be held in ….China, the land “of the free.” Of course, there are no voting lines at polling places to worry about in that Asian “democracy.” The party of Mr. Xi, its leader, rules with an iron hand. Candidates wishing to overthrow the dictator are harassed by police, jailed for made up offenses or locked up. There is no freedom as we know it in the People’s Republic of China, so why is our nation planning, with gusto, to hypocritically send our athletes to compete in a land that has no freedom for its own people? Why not protest to the world our concern for liberty and show it by boycotting the Olympics? Why, because the foolish move to punish our own state of Georgia for its supposedly banning voter access, that actually voted for him, that would hurt the little worker, is pure nonsense, having nothing to do with “voter suppression.” It’s merely a foolish, poorly thought out political move to keep that state in the Progressive camp. And it will backfire. Our people are not that dumb. Or are they?