Did CBS Deceptively Edit Gun Out of Adam Toledo Bodycam Footage?


Jared Evan


Chicago police have released graphic footage of an officer shooting dead 13-year-old Adam Toledo in a dark alley.

According to prosecutors, the teenager was with a 21-year-old man, Ruben Roman, who had just fired a gun at a passing car. The gunfire drew police to the area, resulting in the deadly confrontation.

Mr. Roman appeared in court on Saturday charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, reckless discharge of a firearm, and child endangerment, according to local media reports.
In bodycam footage of the March 29 shooting, Toledo can be seen holding a pistol just before a Chicago police officer shoots him (around 2:04 in the following video). Waring, the video is graphic. To watch click where it says to watch on youtube.

However, in a video of the shooting uploaded to Twitter by CBS News, the frame showing Toledo holding the gun is missing, making it appear as though police fired on an unarmed teen.

It is apparent the cop had a millisecond to decide what to do, as Toledo was still armed in less than a second before he was shot.
It is debatable as to if the cop should have fired or not, there was literally less than a second before the gun being dropped, and the deceased attempting to surrender.
However, the teen was only minutes before firing at a car and running from the cops. The entire situation was intense and unfortunate.
CBS presentation of the video on social media is clearly cropped, and you do not see the image below which shows the gun in his hand a second before he was shot. Toledo appears to be dropping the weapon behind the fence, which was where it was later found.
CBS reported to Fox News, “CBS News, tweeted a video formatted for mobile devices. As a result, both sides of the bodycam footage were cropped and the image of Toledo holding the gun was omitted.”
Nonetheless, CBS does not tell the viewer that their video is not the full image and simply wrote above the video: “Newly released bodycam footage shows Chicago police chasing and fatally shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo, as he appeared to comply with orders to raise his hands.
Leaving out the fact that the gun was missing from their video is vital to understand the entire situation. Was this done to spark emotion and create a false narrative? If this was an honest technical problem, why did they not inform the viewer?
These kinds of videos spread fast on social media, the George Floyd video was spread like wildfire before broadcast television reported on it. CBS tweeting a cropped video without informing people of the entire picture is dangerous in a post-George Floyd environment.
With the Daunte Wright shooting fresh in everyone’s minds and the verdict of the Chauvin trial, just days away, CBS presenting a video of an apparently unarmed 13-year-old can only pour gasoline on an already volatile situation.