Biden’s $2T Infrastructure Plan Earmarks $22.8B for NYC Over Next 20 Years

Federal money will be used for New York’s roads, bridges, mass transit, housing as well as care for children, veterans and seniors. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

By Ilana Siyance

President Joe Biden has earmarked funds for New York in his proposed $2 Trillion infrastructure package. On Monday, the White House announced the proposal, named “American Jobs Plan”, which would pour federal money into New York’s roads, bridges, mass transit, housing as well as care for children, veterans and seniors.

As reported by the NY Post, the plan would also provide funding for climate-resilient infrastructure, clean drinking water and expanded internet access, as per to a state-specific “fact sheet” posted online on Monday. “For decades, infrastructure in New York has suffered from a systemic lack of investment,” reads the fact sheet. “The need for action is clear.”

The $2 trillion proposed infrastructure package would tackle NY’s infrastructure shortcomings, promising $22.8 billion over the next 20 years to help the state maintain clean drinking water, and to alleviate the “lack of available and affordable housing”. Another $2.91 billion would go to NYS schools for maintenance requirements.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has suggested the federal spending spree would spearhead subway expansion into southeast Brooklyn and Harlem, and make way for the construction of a new tunnel under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey. Each of those projects would cost several billions of dollars — but would not actually help to maintain the state’s existent dilapidated infrastructure.

The White House fact sheet for NY, which says that the Empire State got a C- grade on its Infrastructure Report Card, stops short of promising to meet all of NYS’s infrastructure spending needs. It also does not specify how much would be allocated to each endeavor statewide, rather it cites the total funds that will be spent nationwide.

The breakup for the funds, which is provided on the NY fact sheet, includes $115 billion repairing roads and bridges across the country; an $85 billion investment in public transit for the nation; a $111 billion investment to clean drinking water nationwide; and $100 billion to bring reliable broadband internet coverage to all Americans. It also earmarks more than $200 billion nationally to increase housing supply and aid in the affordable housing crisis.

The President’s plan sets aside $400 billion to help more elders and disabled persons to access care and improve the quality of caregiving jobs. Also, $18 billion would go towards improving the infrastructure of Veteran health care facilities. Other proposed endeavors include creating clean energy jobs, revitalize American manufacturers, investing to make low-income homes more energy efficient, and improving the resiliency of infrastructure to stand up or repair following natural disasters.