ANTIFA Threatens to Kill Portland Mayor, Twitter Does Not Censor Video


Following almost a year of destructive protests, by radical communist insurrectionists in Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler, who essentially did nothing as the terrorists struck every night in the city, trying to burn down a courthouse, the ICE office, police stations, and vandalized businesses, he finally had enough and asked for citizens to help him unmask the dangerous insurrectionists.

The ANTIFA terrorists did not back down and posted an ominous video on Twitter, threatening to kill the “progressive” Mayor. Twitter as of press, has not banned an actual threat to an elected official.

ANTIFA is by definition an insurrectionist army, with its own uniforms, defined by ANTIFA symbols and shields. One must wonder why the justice system has not designated them as an invading, insurrectionist army.

Here is the video they posted threatening Mayor Wheeler