When It Comes to Longshot Runs, DeBlasio is Considering Gubernatorial Challenge to Cuomo - The Jewish Voice
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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

When It Comes to Longshot Runs, DeBlasio is Considering Gubernatorial Challenge to Cuomo

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has been huddling with supporters to discuss the possibilities of him throwing his hat in the ring in the next gubernatorial election. The NYP reported that after talking to his closest allies about running for the highest office in the Empire State, sources say that the mayor’s confidence has increased exponentially and as suc, he feels that he could win this race.

“I fell out of my chair laughing — he is honestly thinking about it,” said a former senior adviser. “Because of all this Cuomo s–t, he is feeling bold.”

De Blasio is term-limited and leaves office at the end of this year, while Cuomo can seek re-election to a fourth term in November 2022, according to the Post.

Cuomo is in serious hot water with probes launched against him about his role in fudging numbers of those who died of Covid-19 while in New York City nursing homes and why he and his staff lied about giving accurate statistics.

Secondly, Cuomo is under scrutiny for being accused by younf female staffers and other young men of “behaving inappropriately” with them and others claimed that they were the victims of sexual harassment.

According to the NYP, DeBlasio and has campaign team did some experimental polls aimed at big labor unions to gauge support. The Post reported that this included District Council 37, which represents public employees; the Local 1199 SEIU healthcare workers union; and the 32BJ Local SEIU, which reps building workers, sources said.

The NYP reported that Bill Neidhardt, de Blasio’s press secretary, said: “As reported a few weeks ago, the Mayor is having ongoing discussions with friends in the labor movement about the future of progressive politics in New York City.”

Although his own image took a pounding last year with scores of DeBlasio opponents raising their voices in anger and outrage over the mayor’s radical left wing policies, the mayor feels is in growing in strength of numbers of those who would support him on bid to run for state office, as was reported by the NYP

“The more he talks about it, the more he’s like, ‘Maybe this isn’t such a crazy idea … maybe I have a shot,’” the former senior adviser said about a gubernatorial run. “The way it’s been described to me is, he is like talking himself into it.”

A longtime Albany insider said “de Blasio for governor” talk is gaining steam.

“I’ve heard it raised in more than a joking manner,” the source said. “It doesn’t shock me. This is a guy with a huge ego, an inflated sense of self importance. He’s someone who ran for president even though it was clear he was never going to gain traction.”

A current City Hall official said they fully expect de Blasio to run.

“He ran for president. It fits a pattern of delusion of grandeur,” the source said. “Sure he’d love to be a political commentator, but if there’s a route to run for elected office, he will pursue it.”

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