Running Toward Recovery – Undergoing a Total Hip Replacement

When she’s not out walking, Jodi likes to spend time cuddling with her dogs, Nala and Willow

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Jodi Rosenstein has always been an avid runner. But the 55-year-old Purchase, NY, resident could never have imagined the event that would stop her life in her tracks.

“It was very crowded — there were about 50,000 people running in the Nashville half marathon,” she recalled. “I was at mile seven when someone accidentally caught my leg while trying to pass me. I went flying and she landed on top of me.”

At first, Jodi thought her injuries were mostly superficial. “I decided to keep going. I just wanted to get to the finish line, even if I had to walk,” she said.

Jodi later learned she most likely had a hairline fracture in her femur before she even started the race, which was exacerbated by her crash and tumble at mile seven. At mile 13, she took a single step and her femur “just snapped,” as she put it. Jodi was taken to a nearby hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to repair her femur and hip using a pinning technique. But once she returned to New York, she struggled to recover.

“The bone just wasn’t healing,” Jodi said. “I was supposed to be non-weight bearing on that leg for 10 weeks. But 10 weeks became three months, then four months, and I needed to find a solution because I was going crazy.”

Luckily, Jodi was referred to Lenox Hill Orthopedics, where a total hip replacement was recommended. The doctors explained to Jodi that this would provide her with more stability and better healing than a traditional closed reduction and pinning technique. It would also get her immediately weight bearing again, so she could strengthen the muscles that were neglected for so long.

Within two weeks of the procedure, Jodi was back on her feet. She credits the team at Lenox Hill Orthopedics for providing top-notch care.

“They really just went above and beyond for me,” she said. “Now I’m walking 5 miles a day and going up and down the stairs. I’m not running yet, but I’m going to be soon. The Nashville half marathon is not going to be my last race. I’ll be back out there before you know it.”