Pro Wrestling Faces Cancel Culture: NBC Scans 17,000 Hours of WWE Video to Censor “Racist” Material

Gorgeous George- pro wrestler from the 50's with a famous flamboyant male character

Jared Evan

In a giant media deal, NBC’s streaming service Peacock recently won the rights to stream pro wrestling giant WWE’s back catalog of 50 years of pro wrestling programming, which was formally carried on WWE’s own streaming network.

NBC Universal has revealed that it is scanning 17,000 of past WWE content to weed out “racist” material in order to avoid it appearing on the network’s new Peacock streaming device.

Pro Wrestling has a rich history of outlandish ring personas throughout its history. In the past, the characters were almost cartoon-like. Fans have seen Nazi characters, African Characters dressed as jungle warriors, flamboyant gay characters, male chauvinist bullies, Iranian and Russian villains, Black militant characters,  Samoan “savages”, creepy voodoo practitioners, British “royalty”, even a villainous Dentist, and just a general array of entertaining and sometimes offensive ridiculousness.

Today’s wrestling superstars still have robust in-ring characters but are far more subdued.

“One particular match that the NBC streaming service deleted is from the 1990s WrestleMania VI in which Rowdy Roddy Piper painted half his face black as he faced black wrestler Bad News Brown,” reports PWInsider.

Piper’s comments before the match were also memory-holed, despite the late superstar sharing a message of racial unity when he stated, “Now I can stand here, and I can be black! I can be white! Don’t make no difference to me. … It’s what’s inside.”

Censoring Piper’s words are quite odd considering it was a message of colorblindness, not racism.  The “woke” mob does not support such idealistic visions of a colorless society but tends to push racial differences and wedge issues.

NBC does not seem to understand pro wrestling’s audience, this is not a politically correct crowd, but a fan base that enjoys simulated violence, incredible athletics, and over-the-top drama and comedy. This is the essence of the pro wrestling universe.

Wrestling fan blogs and podcasts thus far are not happy with what NBC/Peacock is doing to the WWE archives. One must wonder how much will be removed from WWE history when the “woke” brigade is done censoring something as trivial and silly as professional wrestling.

IF pro wrestling is being censored, one can imagine what kind of future arts and entertainment is in for, with a faceless mob who pressures the entire world from behind their smartphones on social media.