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Norwegian Journalist: “I Would Love to Die” From AstraZeneca Vaccine if it Helps Others

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A Norwegian journalist bizarrely claimed she would “love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine” if it meant other people in Europe were not discouraged from taking it.

The AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has been temporarily pulled by numerous countries across Europe, including Spain, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia and Norway, due to reports of blood clotting and several deaths of people who took the jab.

The statement was made in the headline of Linn Wiik’s article(LINK HERE), which literally translates as “I would love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

“Some must be sacrificed in the war against the corona,” she wrote. “That’s the way it is in all wars. This time it may well be me.”

Wiik  continues by saying, “People get blood clots and die of cerebral hemorrhage every year.”

“But even if it turns out that it is the AstraZeneca vaccine that has caused blood clots or cerebral hemorrhage, I have no doubt: If I get the offer, I will take it anyway,” she continued.

“Because sorry to say it so bluntly: Someone has to sacrifice in order for the rest to be safe.”

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