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Letters to the Editor

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Sholom Schreirber
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Brutal Attack on Jewish Woman in UK

Dear Editor:

This latest attack in the UK comes only weeks after the murder of another woman, Sarah Everard, by a stranger. That case prompted mass gatherings and protests calling for an increase in women’s safety in the UK.

The Jewish woman was reportedly attacked by a stranger as she went to visit her father. In CCTV footage the attacker was seen following her before he approached her from behind and placed a bag or pillow case over her head and proceeded to punch her violently multiple times. The Metropolitan police said a 20-year-old woman was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The attack took place in Stamford Hill, an area with a high population of ultra Orthodox Jews. A 55-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm at an address in Haringey, London, in connection with the attack.

One of the UK’s most prominent campaigners against antisemitism Jonathan Sacerdoti commented:

“This was a vicious and unprovoked attack on a pregnant, Orthodox Jewish woman and her unborn baby. No woman should feel unsafe walking in the streets of London. We can’t know the motivation of the attacker, but certainly the victim was recognizably Jewish because of her clothing and head covering, which the attacker allegedly removed as part of this attack. The revelation that CCTV shows him following her for 20 minutes before the attack makes the incident even more disturbing.

It is deeply concerning that a local Jewish community organization has reported a spike in attacks on Jewish woman in the area in recent weeks. The police need to be out patrolling the area not only to give confidence to all citizens, but also to proactively stop these sorts of attacks from taking place. Thankfully the police have made an arrest in this case, and the swift action of Shomrim, the Jewish community security group, in releasing the CCTV has probably helped catch the suspect.

This attack is a reminder to us all, but particularly to women and Jewish people, that there are dangerous people in our society. There is a need for vigilance and protection for those who are threatened by these sorts of attacks.

A Concerned Citizen


Hiring Licensed Landscapers

Dear Editor:

With spring weather around the corner, many residents may be looking to hire a landscaper to care for their yard. For your own protection, Oyster Bay Town Clerk Richard LaMarca reminds residents to only hire Town-licensed and insured landscapers.

“The Town has a local law mandating that all persons, companies or corporations doing landscaping for hire in the Town of Oyster Bay be licensed by the Town,” said Town Clerk LaMarca. “Residents can identify a Town-licensed landscaper by the identification decal affixed to the driver’s side door of each vehicle and to the left rear bumper of any trailer used in the course of business. They are also required to carry the license or a photocopy signed by the licensee at all times.”

Town Clerk LaMarca noted that the law provides several other regulations. These include restricting landscapers to working Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. No work is permitted on Sundays. Also, landscapers are prohibited from blowing debris into a street or any public property without removing or cleaning it up immediately thereafter. In addition, landscapers are required to use a drop cloth or other device designed to collect spillage when refilling oil or gas tanks on equipment.

“The landscaping field has always attracted unlicensed individuals who are often not familiar with Town regulations,” Town Clerk LaMarca said. “Whether you are looking for a landscaper to simply cut the grass and trim the shrubbery or to install the landscape of your dreams, hiring a Town-licensed landscaper is the best form of protection. The Town checks to ensure they are properly licenses, have all insurances and that their vehicles are properly registered. The Town of Oyster Bay license assures that the contractor is accountable and that the Town is there for you should you have a problem.”

Residents who witness an unlicensed landscaper operating or in violation of Town Code can contact the Town’s Department of Public Safety at (516) 677-5350.

Town of Oyster Bay


The Grammys, CBS & Jewish Hate Speech

Dear Editor:

I guess it’s peace and love time for everyone except Jews,Zionists, and Israel. Tamika Mallory, a Farrakhan supporter featured at the Grammys???!!! Antisemitic lyrics of Jay Electronia applauded and featured???!!! with images of burning American cities as an image of “racial” protest? Speeches demanding Biden give equity to all, or else, as the screens on stage, with images of cities in flames, imply???!!!

If these same featured and applauded bias were about any other minority, Blacks, Muslims, Asians, Hispanics…CBS, and the Grammys would refuse to air their supporters but when it comes to Jews, the Jew hate expressed by some in the Black community is accepted and applauded. Mallory’s support of Jew, White, Gay hater Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan was one of the primary reasons for the Women’s March being cancelled. Have you learned nothing from the sordid lessons of WWII? No hatred should be tolerated, and Jew hate is as important to condemn as any other hate. Either refuse to air the Grammy’s or have an on air disclaimer.

Will you CBS, The Grammy’s and American Jews stand up and be heard? That is what happened in 1930’s Germany. Slowly, sadly, Jew hate is now again becoming the norm, becoming part of our daily lives. What side of the moral compass are you on?

Oscar Schwimmer

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