Illegal Immigrant Kids Could Soon Overwhelm US Shelters: Report


By Jeffrey Rodack(NEWSMAX)

Under the Biden administration, the U.S. is nearing maximum capacity in shelters for illegal immigrant children.

Internal documents from the Department of Health and Human Services reveal the shelter system is now at 94% occupancy, according to Axios. And it is expected to hit maximum capacity later this month.

The documents also show the Border Patrol referred an average of 321 children per day to HHS in the week ending March 1. Axios noted the number was just 47 per day during the first week of January. And the weekly average stood at 203 in late January and early February.

Axios said the number of children crossing into the U.S. from Mexico could soon overwhelm government systems.

The increase comes while the White House uses an emergency public health order to deport migrant adults and some families — including asylum seekers, Axios said.

HHS officials have moved to open overflow shelters. And officials are also increasing the speed with which the department releases children to caretakers already in the U.S.

Meanwhile, big increases in the apprehension of unaccompanied children along the Texas border with Mexico has caused delays in getting nearly 1,000 minors into appropriate migrant shelters, a retired Border Patrol veteran reported Tuesday.

In a report for Brietbart, the former BP official, Randy Clark, cited unnamed sources telling him that Border Patrol facilities are at levels of overcrowding not seen since the 2019 migrant influx — despite the opening of a new facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas.