Covid Outbreak at UK Care Facility Where Residents Were Vaccinated

. (AP Photo/Daniel Cole)

A Covid-19 outbreak among vaccinated individuals inside a UK care facility is puzzling health officials, luckily the new cases were not life-threatening 

Reports claim there was a “pretty big” outbreak at the unnamed care facility in Lincolnshire, where most if not all residents had received the experimental Covid vaccine. The entire report is found at UK’s Lincolnite

It is currently unknown as to whether the infected residents had both doses of a coronavirus vaccine, or just one,” reports The Lincolnite.

The outbreak led the Lincolnshire public health director, Derek Ward, to come out in defense of the jabs, saying there’s “no perfect” immunity, and that post-vaccine outbreaks are should be expected.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had an outbreak in a care home,” Ward announced, according to the Lincolnite. “It was a pretty big one, similar to the other outbreaks we’ve seen across the county and indeed across the country.”

Routine testing picked up the virus in a number of residents, although many were asymptomatic or suffered only mild illness.

None of the residents required hospitalization, according to Ward.