WATCH BANNED VIDEO: Mike Lindell's Controversial Documentary On The 2020 Election - The Jewish Voice
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WATCH BANNED VIDEO: Mike Lindell’s Controversial Documentary On The 2020 Election

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(TJVNEWS)Mike Lindell of My Pillow has been censored, attacked, and curtailed in his attempts to go on national news outlets and talk about what he sees as blatant election fraud. Any mention of the 2020 election’s results can get one completely banned from all social media. Voting machine technology giants Dominion and Smartmatic are suing major media outlets for reporting negatively on their involvement with

Conservative outlets such as Newsmax, in fear of being sued by Dominion and Smartmatic, will no longer touch the topic, Lindell got into an on-air scuffle with  Newsmax host, Bob Sellers, after Lindell refused to stop talking about election fraud, resulting in Sellers repeating a disclaimer, trying to stop Lindell from talking about “election fraud” and after walking off the set.

Lindell has not backed down from his views, even in the face of giant lawsuits, the businessman just released a documentary on election fraud called “Absolute Proof”, which was instantly banned from YouTube, Vimeo, and several other social media giants.

TJV has not does not endorse the information contained in this documentary, however, we believe in free speech and present, the latest banned video

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