Trump Lawyer Schoen: Impeachment Trial Boosted Ex-President, Got Me ‘Canceled’


(NEWSMAX) Far from hurting former President Donald Trump, the Democrats’ attempt to bring him down with a second impeachment trial actually has been a benefit to the former president, though it has gotten one of his attorneys “canceled,” Trump lawyer David Schoen tells Newsmax TV.

“This political weaponization of impeachment struck at the heart of the institution of the presidency, put it at risk and may have put it at risk in the future,” David Schoen said Thursday on “Greg Kelly Reports.” “But I think you’re going to see now is a backlash,” adding that Trump has gained momentum from the win.

“Let’s face it. Let’s look at who he is. They knew who he was when they elected him and he wasn’t one of them,” Schoen told host Greg Kelly. “But look at what he did in office. He’s the first so-called politician who kept his word,” said Schoen, pointing to Trump making other members of NATO pay their share and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

“They’re going to empower him because everyone saw that the attack was unfair in this impeachment process,” he said.

On the other side, Schoen has seen himself a victim of the “cancel culture,” having an offer to teach a civil rights law class revoked after he accepted the job of defending Trump.

“I thought it was a sad commentary, quite frankly,” he said, but I also wouldn’t want students to be uncomfortable. What’s changed is the concept of liberalism. You know, liberalism used to favor the marketplace of ideas. They would want to hear all sides of the story. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Not anymore.”