Pop Star Dua Lipa Angers Israelis by Reposting Anti-Semitic Tweet on Instagram - The Jewish Voice
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Pop Star Dua Lipa Angers Israelis by Reposting Anti-Semitic Tweet on Instagram

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Edited by: Fern Sidman

The tragic fact is that the scourge of anti-Semitism knows no bounds and during these challenging times it has totally infected the entertainment industry. This horrendous news was recently evidenced when Pop star Dua Lipa jumped into the fray and made her thoughts known to her formidable throngs of followers on Instagram. Lipa decided to share a post which falsely and egregiously castigated the actions of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as it pertains to the Palestinians.  The post was written by Vin Arfuso, an American director.

So, as Lipa served as the mouthpiece for yet another Hollywood Jew hater, the post did not stop there. It also included a reference to the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis in May of 2020.

According to a Jerusalem Post report, the post read:   “While everybody’s in the mood to talk about human rights, this is what happens EVERYDAY in Palestine, paid for by our taxpayer dollars.  The big bad tough guys of the #IDF thoroughly enjoy beating and shooting children,” the post continued. “They even have shirts that depict a pregnant Palestinian woman with a sniper scope on her stomach that reads ‘1 shot two kills.’

“But don’t worry,” the post continued. “They’re all terrorist so it’s all good. We totally understand.

“When people say #freepalestine, it doesn’t mean that scary Muslims will run into Tel Aviv and ruin the fun dance parties on the beach. Rather, it’s a simple request for sovereignty and freedom.”

The post included such hashtags such as “HumanRights” and “fighting for justice.” It was later deleted, according to the report.

The JPost reported that Arfuso said that he’s working on a documentary on the subject that would be even more shocking.  He also posted a few pictures of IDF soldiers standing next to Palestinian teenagers.

Lipa’s connection with Arfuso comes in the way of her boyfriend, American model Anwar Hadid, who made the introduction between the director and his pop star girlfriend. Hadid is the brother of supermodels Gigi & Bella Hadid. In the past, the Hadid sisters have made their own share of false and injurious claims about Israel.

Fans of Lipa in Israel were livid over the anti-Semitic tweet, according to an N12 report. Israelis responded with their own unique form of “chutzpah” by giving Lipa some formidable pushback. They harshly critiqued her for championing a cause she knows little to nothing about and for not thoroughly exploring the other side of the story before spewing forth her own “woke” pronouncements.

The JPost reported that others went further, saying that she “has it easy living in Beverly Hills, with no experience of war.”

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