Great Reset: World Economic Forum Removes Tweet Claiming Lockdowns "Quietly Improve Cities" After Backlash - The Jewish Voice
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Great Reset: World Economic Forum Removes Tweet Claiming Lockdowns “Quietly Improve Cities” After Backlash

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Jared Evan

The World Economic Forum, the cabal that has championed the Great Reset, was swiftly rebuked on Twitter after the elitist group posted a  tweet about how Covid-19 lockdowns are “quietly improving cities” across the globe.

The Tweet was taken down after the backlash reached a fever pitch and thousands of people responded negatively.

The WEF acknowledged on Twitter that they pulled the Tweet with this follow-up

Another Twitter user captured the eerie video which the WEF attached to the original tweet praising the lockdowns. The video argues that cities are better off because there is less ambient noise in cities, less pollution, clearer skies, and fewer carbon emissions.

In other words, the financial ruination of lockdown cities, mental deterioration of citizens, increases in suicides, drug addiction, poverty, and children having mental health issues (all as the result of long-term lockdowns),  take a backseat to the alleged environmental benefits of the lockdowns, according to the disconnected financial elite who compromise  The World Economic Forum.

The Great Reset has become a widely discussed issue over the last several months, rising from an esoteric topic discussed among “conspiracy theorists” to a hot button issue widely discussed and researched by the general public. The response to the WEF tweet is evidence many people are paying attention to the goals of the powerful elite to drastically change our lives forever, even after COVID’s deadly grip subsides. The people want to return back to normal, and skepticism is rampant.

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