Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal–How Many Really Died??

Demonstrators gather to protest nursing home deaths in New York. Photo Credit: AP

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is squirming now that his “death sentence” to over 15,000 seniors, residents in the state’s nursing homes, has been revealed by none other than his top aide. We knew about this months ago, but this revelation by Melissa DeRosa, may seal Andy’s fate. We’ll make no bones about it: Cuomo is a mass murderer. It all started back on March 25, 2020, when Cuomo issued a controversial order that required nursing homes to admit Covid-19 patients. This, while the fully equipped and staffed Navy hospital ship, the U.S.S. Comfort was docked in the city and the Javits Center was turned into a hospital, both empty. Among the helpless, elderly, frail seniors, the disease spread like wildfire, killing what we now learn may be well over 15,000. Criminal…and the chutzpah of this guy continued when he obfuscated justice and withheld this information from investigating authorities. Is this not criminal, requiring justice for the victims and their bereaved families?

There was a probe last year by the federal Justice Department into these mysterious clusters of deaths, followed by questions from state legislators, asking just how many seniors died of the disease not only in their nursing home residences but those succumbing after they were transferred into hospitals. The Cuomo administration purposefully, willfully and illegally withheld this information. Ms. DeRosa’s admission: “We froze.” And, “We weren’t sure if what we were going to give to the DOJ or to you guys was going to be used against us and we weren’t sure if there was going to be an investigation.” Even loyal Democrat, NY’s AG, Letitia James, found that the state Health Department understated the number of long-term-care facility residents who died from Covid-19 by over 50%.

So, why did Andy not only lie about these fatalities and what motivated him to order so many ailing seniors out of hospitals and return them back to their facilities? And why did the receiving nursing homes not complain? Just follow the money trail. According to Yaakov Apelbaum, of the Illustrated Primer, when Andy faced primary challengers tor re-election, the General New York Hospital Associations, a group of NY healthcare providers handed him $1m in cash. They are one of his major financial supporters. Then in March of 2020 he rewarded them by signing legislation shielding hospital and nursing home exec’s from any lawsuits arising from the Covid-19 outbreak. They got blanket immunity protection. The same guys that made a fortune moving sick Covid patients to nursing homes. The GNYHA. Money talked, seniors died and helpless, grieving families mourned.

And to top it all off, when Letitia James recently revealed that the Cuomo administration downplayed the total number of nursing home residents killed by Covid, Gov. Cuomo responded with a straight face and a crooked mentality: “Who cares {if they} died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died!” Sounds like words out of the mouths of the Nuremburg defendants. And look how they ended up.