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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Comedian Robyn Schall Hands Out Thousands of $$$ in Tips at NYC Bar

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By Ellen Cans

Comedian Robyn Schall set out to spread a bit of sunshine and love in the Big Apple.

On Thursday night, Schall frequented an Upper West Side bar, where she splashed around $13,000 in tips to the staff.  As reported by the NY Post, Schall live-streamed her outdoor meal at Lilly’s Cocktail and Wine, asking her 142,000 followers to donate an early Valentine’s gift to the bar’s staff, who have been struggling to earn a living, along with most restaurants and bars due to COVID-19 dining restrictions.

When the waitress, Ulyana Hrushchak, came to the table with the bill, Schall had a surprise for her.  “My name’s Robyn, I’m a comedian,” Schall said.  “This morning I said to them [my followers] that we should do something good, and everyone around the world donated money, and we want to give you $7,000!”  “Oh my Gd are you joking?” replied Hrushchak, elated.  “I still feel like it wasn’t real,” she said in a phone interview on Friday. “It’s one of these pinch-me moments.”  Hrushchak, 24, told Bloomberg that the tip was two times her typical monthly earnings when times are good.  She added that she plans to send some of the cash back home to Ireland, use some to pay her rent and bills, and even spend some to take a small vacation.

Aside from the gift for the waitress, Schall also had another $6000 from the contributions, which she gifted to Tracy, the bartender, and cooks Victor and Andres, giving them each checks for $2,000 as the livestream continued.  She also paid for the couple sitting in a table nearby, and gave the remaining $100 raised to staff at a nearby pizza shop.

On Saturday, in a post Schall thanked her followers and praised their generosity.  “I am grateful to be the one that handed over the checks but the credit must go to the thousands of people who donated without knowing where or who we would give it to. You guys are the best and I’m so thankful you follow me and trusted me with this!!!!! I may give you guys some laughs but YOU give me faith in people! I love you! Thanks for being freakin awesome!”

Schall, who has been named one of’s “Top 5 standout comics in NY”, is an international standup comedian and an Instagram star.  Fans frequent her Instagram page for her 30 distinct and wacky characters that she performs online in her daily sketch videos.

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