BANNED VIDEO: " Bill Gates Deleted" , Viral Documentary Claims to Expose Gate's Global Agenda - The Jewish Voice
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BANNED VIDEO: ” Bill Gates Deleted” , Viral Documentary Claims to Expose Gate’s Global Agenda

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(TJVNEWS.COM) The latest video, which has been purged from most social media, highlights the moment BillGates abandoned Microsoft, after numerous lawsuits, to pursue a career in philanthropy and formed The Gates Foundation.  The filmmaker tries to reach a conclusion as to what Bill Gates’s real agenda is.

Is this documentary on to something, or is it “conspiracy theory”?

TJV leaves it up to the individual to determine the validity of the claims, instead of removing controversy from existence, we encourage checking out every single banned video, as we are defenders of free speech, and do not believe few powerful tech companies should dictate what one should read or watch.

Feel free to leave a comment after viewing the controversial piece.

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