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TJV Daily Dish: Kendall Jenner, Alexander Wang, Hottest Vacation Spots, Roman Abramovich, Yael Shelbia, The Baldwins

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By Lieba Nesis

TJV Daily Dish votes model Kendall Jenner its most stylish celebrity of 2020. At 5 ft 10 inches, the 121 pound Kendall who has been modeling for 11 years continues to mix up her fashion choices to great effect. While the 25-year-old’s arrogance is truly off-putting her fashion sensibility is not. Whether in a bikini, gown, or bicycle shorts she always gets it right. Granted this year there were few to choose from due to the dearth of red carpets. However, even with a mask on, Kendall is perfection-she is not the highest-paid model for no reason’

Alexander Wang- AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews

It seems like everything designer Alexander Wang has “his hand in” (usually involuntarily) becomes toxic. Wang who has been accused by multiple male models of sexual assault designed this gown for Zoe Kravitz’s wedding in June 2019. The fittings took over a year and were aimed to achieve an Audrey Hepburn effect-I hated the monochrome look. Zoe who married in Paris at her father Lenny Kravitz’s apartment is now splitting from husband Karl Glusman after less than two years-I have pimples that last longer. The amount of Hollywood breakups this year are even harder to keep up with than the number of celebrities who got covid.

Bal Harbour Miami, photo: Lieba Nesis

The hottest vacation spots this New Year’s were Miami, St. Barts and Aspen (in that order). Page Six reported that Russian oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Eugene Shvidler brought their yachts to St. Barts to mingle amongst celebrities Amy Schumer and John Legend along with art influencer Larry Gagosian and real estate moguls Aby Rosen and Michael Fuchs. However, if you or your best friend don’t have a mega-yacht there wasn’t too much action on St. Barth’s so the vast population headed to Miami where suites at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour started at $4,000 a night. The Swan, Kiki on the River, Joia Beach and Komodo turned out to be the hotspots of the season. Music luminaries abounded with Tyga, Chris Brown, and Marshmello at Kimodo; while Diddy held court at the Pharrell’ Williams owned “Swan” in the Miami Design District along with Meek Mill, and the Chetrits. DJ Rascal entertained the outdoor maskless crowd at Swan as Luka Sabbat sang tunes along with accompaniment by celebrity influencer and DJ Zack Bia. Tyga and Chris Brown showed up later, while Tyga’s ex, Kylie Jenner, along with her sister Kendall were enjoying the Aspen slopes-that is until Kylie took a spill. TJV DailyDish Votes Miami the Number One place to be this holiday as the parties and perfect weather keep rolling for weeks to come.

Roman Abramovich

The notion that Alec thought his wife was Spanish is untenable. As a highly trained actor he would be the first to spot a fabricated accent, and I am also assuming he met her entire caucasian extended family. He was in on the ruse and madly in love with his wife. The other fake story circulating that she pretended to be Spanish because Alec had a crush on Salma Hayek is equally implausible. We now know she signed a 2009 tax form with both names, ultimately crossing out Hilaria-manifesting she was pretending before she and Alec met in 2011. She has given Alec 5 healthy children along with one miscarriage, in a span of 8 years-a remarkable feat. She has also helped Alec shed more than 25 pounds by putting him on a vegan diet, eliminating junk food and forcing him to exercise. She had him give up drinking and saved him from illness as he was prediabetic and had hip replacement surgery-without Hilaria he would be in big trouble. So while she may have faked her heritage her devotion as a wife was authentic-Alec (whose real name is Alexander) is one lucky man and he knows it!


Hilaria and Alec Baldwin- photo Lieba Nesis

19-year-old Israeli model Yael Shelbia has been voted Number One on TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces” list. This is the year of Israeli women with Israeli Gal Gadot being the third highest paid actress (she came in 21 on the TC Candler list). Shelbia is serving in the Israeli Air Force (it is unclear in what capacity) but the IDF has been very accomodating letting her fly back and forth to LA for her “critical”modeling work. Shelbia said she was surprised since she never comes in first in anything. Apparently, she is not that unlucky as she is dating Brandon Korff, grandson of billionaire Sumner Redstone. 35-year-old Korff understandably violated quarantine to hook up with Shelbia in June and was summarily ejected from Israel despite his mother Shari Redstone being the chairwoman of Viacom. Most guys would do the same


Brandon Korff and Yael Shelbia (Screenshot)


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