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Rich NYers Pony Up Big $$$ for In Home Covid Tests & Vaccine

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As the old saying goes, “With Money you Get Honey”!! That is surely the case for wealthy New Yorkers who are paying tens of thousands of dollars to get an in-home Covid test and for the Corona vaccine

For those well-heeled New Yorkers for whom money is not an issue, getting a rapid COVID-19 test at home is well worth the investment for a test that they could easily get for free at a clinic or health facility. And for that matter, it has been reported that those wealthy New Yorkers who donate the “big bucks” to major New York City hospitals are also greasing some palms to get the virus vaccination before everyone else.

Speaking to the NY Post was 23-year-old Sophie Kaye who dished out $400 for a Covid test to be dome at her Upper West Side apartment. She said that an at-home test would not only lower her risk for being exposed to the coronavirus at a crowded clinic, but that it would save her time and it would be more comfortable to have a doctor pay a house call.

Kaye told the Post that she was “going to need a test if she wanted to be with her family on Thanksgiving. The gathering was small but one sister has asthma and her aunt is over 65.” She works for a hotel and restaurant group and her company paid the bill.

Of the family she was to visit, Kaye told the Post, “They’re at risk, and I didn’t want to expose anyone.”

A week before Thanksgiving, rather than waiting on line at a local urgent care center, Kaye called Dr. Mark Golberg, an acquaintance of hers, she told the Post. The report said that his father is Dr. Alexander Golberg, “aka Dr. Hamptons.” He also gave Kaye a flu shot as part of her Covid testing package.

Last spring, according to the Post report, Dr. Golberg launched a concierge practice in the Hamptons. It was there that he began to offer the upscale members of the Hamptons community the option of receiving house calls from him at their estates. In the comfort of their own mansions, Dr. Golberg provided consultations on Covid as well as Botox injections, pain therapy and non-surgical nose jobs, as was reported by the Post.

He has now moved his practice to New York City and is spending much of his time administering Covid tests to those who can afford his prices. Depending on the number of people being tested in a household and on the distance he has to travel to see them, a standard visit will run between $400 and $500.

Overseeing his father’s medical enterprise. Dr, Golberg told the Post, “We’re completely all over the map — Upper West, Upper East, SoHo, Brooklyn. You name it we go.” In case Dr. Golberg’s calendar is already filled up with appointments, he has ten nurses who work for him and who can also make house calls, according to the Post report.

Kaye told the Post that she was tested in her living room as Golberg swabbed her nose. The Post reported that Golberg then “inserted the swab in a testing analyzer, about half the length of a laptop, that he had set up on the coffee table.”

They both waited about 25 minutes for the results. It was during that time that Dr. Golberg offered Kaye a flu shot and she went for it, as was reported in the Post.

“Everything — the test, the shot — was quick, easy and painless,” she told The Post.

Then, they watched the screen for the results. “Negative” popped up, according to the Post.

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