President Trump Speaks About Accomplishments in Texas, Media Blackout, White House Live Channel Does Not Broadcast

Also making a few extra bucks was President Trump. According to the Post, his net worth jumped from $2.1 billion to $2.5 billion. In a 20% increase, his company brand brought in an additional $420 million during this almost year long pandemic. Photo Credit: AP

On Tuesday Afternoon President Trump made a speech about his accomplishments, in particular, the border wall. Shockingly not a single media outlet, except for Newsmax and a conservative youtube outlet called Right-Side Broadcasting covered the President of the United States speaking.

NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News, PBS, CNN, MSNBC all ignored the outgoing President.

The White House live Youtube channel, ran a graphic stating the speech would start soon, yet it never broadcast.

This is perhaps the first time in modern history, almost the entire media blacked out a President’s speech. Newsmax literally was the only cable outlet to broadcast his speech.

Tump also urged for peace during the presidential transition during the blacked-out speech

Below is the speech from right-side broadcasting