Preserve Free Speech! Support the Jewish Voice!!


We, at the Jewish Voice, from publisher down to the truck driver who delivers our hard copies to new-stands, synagogues and retail establishments are facing the dangerous, large caliber guns of the major technical giants who now seem to control the information networks from which most Americans get their news. They don’t like us and focus on us because we speak the truth, the “emmes” about the problems facing Israel, the Jewish community and our beloved nation.

We speak out for all Americans, regardless of threats to take us down. And make no mistake about these assaults on our expression of free speech. They are real. Our first amendment rights, the basis of and for all of our freedoms, has already been negated by those who now call the shots: Twitter and Facebook. They have previously censored the Jewish Voice for our stand up reporting and editorializing and as a result, our electronic readership which had been growing exponentially, is dropping like a rock.

We are strangely being targeted by these giant, billion dollar corporations who still bow down to and accept the pronouncements of Iran’s Ayatollahs, Louis Farrakhan, Chinese propagandists and Jew hating Congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Figure that one out!

We are the voice of the New York and the total Jewish-American community that supports Israel and the continuance of democracy for all, right here in the good old USA. We see this basic constitutional right being taken away from us. To say the least, rather quickly and without a blink of the eye from other news outlets who lean on Twitter and Facebook for support. In short, we have been removed from the loop. And believe us, it hurts not only in our hearts, but in our pocket book. We need funds to survive, to keep on fighting for Israel and our own domestic Jewish community.

Our commercial advertising pages are brim full of ads from various vendors, real estate entrepreneurs and people like you who wish to open small businesses. We ask you to consider popping an advertisement into the Jewish Voice commercial section. In that manner you will support us, to give us the where-with-all to stay where we now are, as one of the most prominent conservative, Jewish focused, English language printed papers in the country. Our promise to you is that we will not knuckle under to the billion buck giants who find our reporting of and comments on news to be not on their page.

We stand by and observe the basic tenets of integrity, honesty and truthfulness on our pages and web-sites. We will not be silenced if……and that’s a big word, if you continue to support us with your advertisements and even with your donations which will all be used to provide you with the most up-to-date, honest and pro-democracy news possible. That’s our promise to you. And one we will surely keep. THANKS!!!!