Pelosi Joins in Frenzied Calls For Removal of Trump - The Jewish Voice
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Pelosi Joins in Frenzied Calls For Removal of Trump

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Jared Evan

In a dramatic and well-orchestrated statement, Nancy Pelosi Calls for the invoking of the 25th amendment against Trump. If that is not possible, she will draw up articles of impeachment.

The speaker of the house became the latest in a growing list of politicians from both sides of the aisle piling on against the president and calling for his removal from office, blaming yesterday’s chaos at the capital squarely on him.

While it is clear that Trump did not strongly condemn the actions of several hundred protestors who stormed the capitol at the time of the chaos;  the speech made earlier in the day did not encourage violence.  If you review the speech Trump made it was actually a rehashing of the election fraud allegations and not much else. There were no calls for violence or storming the capitol.

The argument can be made that the president should not have encouraged or participated in the protest, but to blame Trump for the actions of a fraction of the giant crowd, seems to only add fuel to the fire.


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