NY Sen. John Liu Blasted After Saying Capitol Siege was More Frightening Than 9-11

NY State Senator John Liu in a 2017 AP photo

By: Jared Evan

New York State Sen. John Liu has come under fire after suggesting that the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol is “more frightening” than the Sept. 11 attacks, Yahoo News reported

The lawmaker, who represents the 11th District in northeast Queens, made his remark about an hour before the Sergeant-at-Arms announced that the building had been secured from rioters. “Seeing the Twin Towers crumble is no longer the most frightening moment of my life,” Liu tweeted.

Liu, playing up the media frenzy to paint the deranged QANON followers who stormed the capitol as the most dangerous force in America, was quick to spit on the 3000 Americans who perished during the nation’s worst terrorist attack.

While the far-right wing radicals, whose insane riot caused 6 deaths, are indeed a danger and a legitimate threat, as per the FBI; the disastrous stunt which occurred last week, cannot compare to 9/11, the most terrifying day ever known in America.

“Expect the Democratic party to talk about January 6th, the next 4 years, essentially this will be Biden’s entire presidency, reciting January 6th and the morons who stormed the capitol, next they will call it worse than the Holocaust”, a Facebook poster who follows The Jewish Voice joked.

Twitter exploded with criticism of the State Senator’s remarks.

“John, I get what you’re going for but come on, that’s a bit far,” one commented. But Liu maintained his position, saying “I don’t think so.” “Tell that to the families of the dead. There’s something wrong with you,” another user clapped back.

Yahoo News reported: One user also brought up the 54-year-old’s 2013 mayoral campaign finance scandal, which landed one of his aides and one of his top fundraisers in jail for fraud. Liu was never charged for the scheme himself, but the New York Campaign Finance Board voted to deny him more than $3.5 million in funds. He was also fined $26,000 four years later, according to Politico.

“C’mon man. You were this close to being indicted for campaign finance fraud. I imagine that was a bit more harrowing,” the user wrote.

Liu is no stranger to controversy, in addition to the campaign finance board scandal, for decades members of Falun Gong meditation movement, which is banned in China, have accused Liu of being a Chinese Communist Party spy. While there is no evidence connecting the Chinese politician to communism, Liu has never spoke out against the murderous oppression peaceful Falun Gong followers suffer under the communist regime.