Never Seen Before Footage Exposes Violence of The Left During the 2017 Inauguration


Jared Evan

A documentary film crew has just released dramatic, never before seen footage of the 2017 Inauguration riots. The release comes at a perfect time and gives a great contrast of the Trump and Biden  inaugurations

The Trump event was totally open to the public like all inaugurations have been. The city was packed with Trump supporters, journalists, tourists, and of course anti-Trump protestors. Hotels were booked, the local establishments were packed, parties were filled, and it was an exciting day, like all past presidential inaugurations.

Wednesday night will see an empty DC, heavily guarded by over 30,000 members of the National Guard. A razor wire 8-foot ‘non-scalable’ fence surrounds the U.S. Capitol, and the festivities will be largely virtual. The celebrations will be limited to the elite who are on the inside of the Biden administration.  D.C will be largely devoid of the general public, partially because of COVID and partially as a result of the January 6th chaos.

The unprecedented shutdown of D.C for the inauguration includes the closure of the National Mall, which typically sees thousands flocking to witness the peaceful transfer of power.

America has never seen anything like this, a president being sworn in behind a barbed wired capitol, the entire D.C area is under complete lockdown.

This video is important as a reminder to the general public who are being told endlessly how violent and radical Trump loyalists are. Trump supporters during inauguration day 2017 were literally terrorized by leftist radicals, who were not exactly peacefully protesting.  Racial epithets were spewed at any Trump supporter of a darker skin pigmentation, black-clad leftists attacked thousands from entering the lawn area to witness the ceremony. Blood was spilled, fights broke out and leftist hate permeated the air.

The hate was planted from day 1 of Trump and climaxed in 2020, with political violence, attacks against law enforcement, rioting, and unrest on the streets of almost every major city for months on end.

The violence of the Trump era climaxed, with QANON following right-wing radicals, storming the capitol. None of these events happened in a vacuum.

Meanwhile, the 2021 swearing-in of the Biden administration, will not be a “free speech zone” nor will it be a festive event. A dystopian virtual inauguration will be beamed out on prime time network television, to a politically polarized nation.

The Biden connected party elite will be inside the barbed wire fence, keeping the government far apart from the general public, as the empty streets of D.C will be heavily patrolled by the military.

The footage was gathered as part of an ongoing documentary about the fight for dominance playing out between establishment and independent news organizations called “The King of News” which has been in production since 2016, with an anticipated release of summer 2021.