Is Biden Ready for the Storm?


Progressive Democrats, giddy from their White House and Senate wins, are apparently too distracted or unwilling to discern the dangerous post election situations growing around the world that threaten our nation’s security. Both they and normal Americans, reeling from the slanted news reports of “Republican terrorism” in D.C., had better wake up…and soon. We’ll focus, for the time being on Iran, North Korea and China, all now crouched, watching, just licking their blood-stained lips, waiting to pounce and test the incoming Biden/Harris leadership team.

This new “Axis” group of thug nations have suffered over the past four years of Trump’s aggressive and punishing sanctions, economic policies and military actions. They correctly plan on our new leadership to make nice, reach out in friendship and start from scratch, diplomatically. We beg our new administration to continue to straight-arm, keep at a distance and be wary of these acknowledged enemies of our nation. We truly doubt the Biden team is prepared for the storm to be unleashed.

Iran has recently not only announced that they have accelerated their uranium enrichment to 20% purity, on the cusp of weapons-grade, but have threatened us and Israel with revenge for the assassinations of a tourist terrorist and of their top nuclear scientist. That’s why Trump assigned our carrier, The USS Nimitz to patrol the Gulf and a nuclear armed submarine accompanied by a bevy of destroyers to monitor Iran’s shoreline to monitor their threats. Will Biden remove this first line of defense in a foolish move of appeasement? If his top advisor, John Kerry, whose daughter is married into a prominent Iranian family and who is long time buddies with Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Zarif, has his say, it’s a sure bet! Israel and our Muslim allies in the area, “Drop Dead!”

And North Korea, like a bear in a 4 year slumber, has been hungrily awakened by the sure-as-hell-to-come Biden thaw of the hard line stance of Trump. As a threat to Biden’s recent off-the-cuff reference to NOTHKO’s dictator Kim Jung Un as a “thug,” Kim responded immediately with threats of more nuclear tests and missile launches. All, of course, non-existent since Trump stomped down on the tiny tyrant. Look for more test of strength aggressiveness and demands from that nation now that they see daylight with us. South Korea now has the jitters.

And, of course, there’s China who has the whole cockamamie Biden family on its payroll. That nation, over one and one half billion strong, is the planet’s most dangerous pit bull, the one Joe is sure to pamper, appease and accommodate. They now call the shots. They have been crippled by Trump’s successful measures to reclaim our lost commercial edge over China. They are now threatening American business interests in China with more legal vulnerability. In response, our Fortune-500’s are pressuring the Biden team to slow down and make nice to Xi.

Big business has now suddenly turned to the Left. And after Biden’s win, China suddenly refused access to their disease ridden city of Wuhan, to WHO and 137 countries all demanding to study the origins of the Chinese Virus. Was this, as suspected, a military grade biological weapon? Look for giant China to once again threaten to invade tiny Taiwan. Our navy has protected that proud democracy for decades. Any change in policy would indicate that Chinese bucks buying off our top leader(s) can have devastating, disastrous outcomes for us and the entire world. Danger lurks in the weeks ahead. The possibilities scare us and it should you, as well. Watch out!!!