Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘Lieutenant’ at War with Neighbors at $10M NYC Penthouse

Sarah Kellen, 41, and her husband Brian Vickers, 37(Facebook)

By: Rusty Brooks

Sarah Kellen, the alleged “lieutenant” of Ghislaine Maxwell, and her husband Brian Vickers, 37, are the subject of ire among neighbors at the SoHo condo building on Greene Street, where Vickers leads the condo board, the New York Post reported on Saturday.

Kellen is accused of helping Ghislaine Maxwell recruit ‘sex slaves’ for Jeffrey Epstein is now in a spat with neighbors at the ritzy Manhattan condo where she lives with her NASCAR-driver husband.

Kellen reportedly cut ties with Epstein after his first arrest in Florida in 2008 and gained immunity through the deal he struck with prosecutors. In 2013 she married her longtime boyfriend Vickers, who is a NASCAR driver, Daily Mail reported.

Neighbors told the Post they are fed up with the couple’s constant noisy renovations in their $10 million penthouse, as well as massive fee assessments imposed by Vickers and the other board members.

Neighbors at the 14-unit Mercer Greene condo building, where Lindsay Lohan once live, tell the Post that they are fed up with the construction racket from Kellen and Vickers’ penthouse.

‘It’s the other homeowners that have to put up with it,’ one condo owner complained, noting that the couple are rarely in town.

One condo owner told the Post that they have been charged $100,000 in assessments in the last five years. It is noteworthy the building has been plagued with construction and repairs before Vickers was elected to head the co-op board.

Sarah Kellen is rarely mentioned in connection to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell, but she and Vickers reappeared in New York after Maxwell was arrested in July. There has been speculation she might testify against Maxwell.

Epstein’s controversial 2008 federal non-prosecution agreement extended immunity to four ‘potential co-conspirators’ including Sarah Kellen and fellow executive assistants Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff and Nadia Marcinkova, Daily Mail pointed out.

Daily Mail reported: Kellen could not face federal charges, despite multiple girls describing how she would book them for massages and greet them they as arrived at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion before escorting them upstairs and laying out massage oils.

Kellen has spoken out to vehemently deny the allegations that she aided in Epstein’s devious sex schemes.

‘I’ve been made out to be such a monster — but it’s not true. I’m a victim of Jeffrey Epstein. I was raped and abused weekly,’ she told the Sun last month.