FBI Arrests Son Of Orthodox Judge, Aaron Mostofsky, For Storming Capitol & Stealing Police Vest and Riot Shield


By Rusty Brooks

Federal agents have arrested the son of a New York judge on charges that he was among the protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol.

The FBI said Aaron Mostofsky was picked up at his brother’s home in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning, about a week after he was seen inside the Capitol wearing a fur costume and a police vest,  AP reported

Mostofsky, is the son of Shlomo Mostofsky, a Supreme Court judge and a prominent figure in the Orthodox Jewish community, who is the former president of the National Council of Young Israel. He was elected to the Kings County Supreme Court last January with the backing of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, Gothamist reported

The FBI arrived shortly after 12 noon and removed evidence after making the arrest.


He was to make a remote court appearance later in the day to face charges including theft of government property.

The NY Post reported that he allegedly stole a police riot shield and a bulletproof vest

Mostofsky’s brother said last week that his brother “did nothing illegal.”

Mostofsky’s father, Brooklyn Judge Shlomo Mostofsky, has not commented.

Video circulating on Twitter following Mostofsky’s arrest shows FBI agents swarming the home and carting out what appeared to be the fur pelts and walking stick he had on him during the insurrection, the Post reported.  He became one of the most noticeable right-wing insurrectionists at the capitol because of his bizarre costume

Photos of the siege showed Mostofsky wearing a police bulletproof vest and carrying a riot shield, which he claimed to have found on the floor of the Capitol.

Evidently the suspect is a die-hard supporter of President Trump.

Mostofsky told The Post that he felt “we were cheated” in the election.

“I don’t think 75 million people voted for Trump — I think it was close to 85 million,” he said. “I think certain states that have been red for a long time turned blue and were stolen, like New York.”

Gothamist pointed out: His brother, Nachman Mostofsky, is the vice president of the South Brooklyn Conservative Club, and an elected district leader in the borough, who claims to have connections with high-ranking members of the Trump administration. The source said that Aaron was staying at his brother’s home when he was arrested.

At least 13 people are facing federal charges for their role in the insurrection.