Could An Iranian Revenge Attack be Near???

Master terrorist, Qassem Soleimani. Photo Credit: AP

Beware of a resentful, revengeful Iran, whose leaders and expansionist plans have been throttled by President Trump for four long years. Throw in, for good measure, the recent gunning down of their top atomic scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizeh and the now, year old drone assassination of master terrorist, Qassem Soleimani, both blamed on the American/Zionist alliance, and we have the perfect scenario for an act of revenge..and soon. Age old Muslim tradition and primitive unacceptable loss-of-face to an enemy, cannot go unpunished.

The window of opportunity for such revenge is approaching and it must come within a day or two before January 20th, the day of Biden’s inauguration, leaving the departing President Trump little time for retaliation. The next two weeks will see the world, especially the nations of the Middle East, holding their breaths. There is no doubt that the leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other oil producing countries are preparing for the worst.

Our nation, as well, has been shoring up defenses in the Gulf area for weeks. We’ve been stuffing the likes of B-52 bombers, carriers, submarines and missile launching ships into the area and our current Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, met with Israeli leaders to plan for an Iranian strike. And the resulting statement issued by Israeli Defense Minister Ganz, left little doubt in our minds that the threat is real. “We will act in partnership in the face of any scenario on the Iranian Front.” Enough said.

The pathway is clear for an Iranian testing of a newly sworn in President Biden. It has its forces marshaled in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. It could launch an attack carried out by its subsidiaries in these lands who are well trained by Iran and are supplied with missiles made in that country. An attack launched from one of these lands could be shrugged off by Iran as, “Not of our doing.” We are concerned that a Biden response would be to back down and continue the Obama policy of appeasing Iran. We watched, as under the former president, Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry both seemed to be owned by that terrorist nation. More frightening are the reports that Iran has already succeeded in refining its uranium stocks to weapon grade level. The bomb is ready to go. They’ve been cheating on the Obama Deal for years.

Clearly, Iran, after four long years intimidated and beaten down by Trump,

is now in the driver’s seat. The incoming Biden administration’s newly selected foreign affairs appointees are clearly of the wimpish, Obama mold. His selection for Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, served as Deputy Secretary of State under then Secretary of State, John Kerry, who was no friend to Israel. With Biden’s surprise appointment of John Kerry as Climate Czar in the cabinet, his persuasiveness over Blinken, is not to be overlooked.

General Lloyd Austin, a former golden boy for Obama, who served during the Obama years in the Middle East, has been tapped to be the new Defense Secretary. All good news for our enemies. We are wary of Blinken. As a New York City born Jew, his religion and the fact that his step-father was a Holocaust survivor would shield him from attacks from Israel supporters if he coddles Iran in the same way his old boss, John Kerry did. If so, he’ll be a divisive force within the Jewish community against the Jewish State.

In short, we’ve gotten a taste of an American President Trump, who was not only unbelievably supportive and protective of Israel but who fought tooth and nail for the Abraham Accords, for peace in the Middle East. The next two weeks will be a test of the incoming Biden administration to see if they will continue in this mold. But watch for an Iranian revenge move….and soon.