A Hearty “Thank You” to President Trump!!

. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

It has certainly been a highly charged, incredibly eventful and historic week. As we inaugurate our 46th president, we take this moment to pause and engage in some deep reflection on the accomplishments of President Donald Trump over the last four years. Even more than that, we think it exceptionally appropriate at this juncture to express our appreciation to him for all that he has done to make America great again and for his unwavering and full throated support for Israel and Jewish issues.


Not only did he single handedly ignite a moribund economy to the point where we witnessed the lowest unemployment rates in history, but he crafted a lucrative trade deal with China, enacted the Veterans Choice act, put an end to illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border, drastically lowered the cost of prescription drugs and breathed life into school choice for hundreds of thousands of parents.


The aforementioned, of course, is a mere smattering of his voluminous amount of accomplishments, yet space or lack thereof dictates that we cannot list them all here.


What we can say is that among his seemingly endless list of accomplishments in his quest to make America great again, his most impressive one was that he truly endeavored to make every American exceptionally proud to live in this great land. Yes, folks, Donald Trump, resuscitated the dormant spirit of patriotism that used to be a driving factor in our collective lives until it was denigrated and dismissed as “tribal” by Trump’s “progressive” predecessor.


Once again we displayed tremendous respect for our great American flag and despite those who are bent on fomenting racial strife and division while pointing out all of our imperfections as a nation, the vast majority of us were given the imprimatur to once again fall in love with this extraordinary country that Ronald Reagan once called, “The Shining City on a Hill.” And since we’ve invoked the name of the “Gipper” let this serve as a reminder that “our best days are yet to come” even if it appears remote at this precarious juncture on the pendulum of history.


As Jews, we are keenly cognizant that this president with no background as an elected official managed to rise to the occasion and become the most ardent and passionate supporter of Israel in the history of this great nation. At long last, he fulfilled the pledge that others had made but had done nothing about when he moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


Digressing for just a moment, has anyone noticed that the BDS movement on college campuses has been maintaining a low profile since President Trump enacted a law that would prevent the continued harassment of pro-Israel students and that their “anti-apartheid” events have been severely muted or put on hold completely?


Thank you Mr. Trump for all you did, for who you are and what you will achieve in future! Our hats are off to you!