UFO Sightings in NYC Explode by 283% in 2020 Compared to 2018

Reports of weird, wondrous, and worrying objects in the skies date to ancient times (Smithsonian)

By: Ricky Hunter

2020 has been quite possibly the strangest year on record.

From the mysterious COVID pandemic and the tremendous toll on human life and economic destruction, to the draconian lockdowns, which are paralyzing the mental health of Americans and the entire world, to the bizarre violent communist BLM riots in the streets, to the controversial US elections; the world has never seen anything quite like 2020, and to top it off, UFO sightings are up.

Sightings of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects in NYC this year have gone up by 31 per cent from 2019. This year, 46 such objects were spotted in the glitzy skies of the city, compared to 35 such sightings in 2019.

Compared to 2018’s number, the 2020 sightings have jumped by 283 per cent, according to data from the National UFO Reporting Center.

NY Post reported on the increased UFO sightings.

On July 21, 2020, a Staten Islander saw an “oval” aircraft which reportedly sounded like a helicopter. However, the witness claimed that it unleashed a surge of radiation in their body.

The Islander told the media: “honestly thought it was the government putting something into the air with everything going on during these times and I thought I would wake up and find it all over the news or on Instagram.”

On June 8, someone from the Bronx say 30 objects flying in perfect synchronicity across the night skies, resembling stars in movements.

The reports offer time, place, and lots of speculation — but not many details. And the observers do not usually ID themselves.

Still, center director Peter Davenport has no doubt observers are seeing what they’re seeing.

“I believe we are being visited routinely by these things we call UFOs,” Davenport, 72, told The Post, adding he has had “five sighting experiences.”

Asked why outer-space types would want any part of our crazy world, the galactic gatekeeper said: “You are going to have to talk to the aliens. I do not know what these creatures are up to. What their objective might be in being here.”

Recently, a former Israeli space scientist claimed that aliens exist among us, and that they have been waiting to show themselves when the time is right. Haim Eshed told an Israeli newspaper that the US and Israel have been dealing with aliens for a long time, but they remain a secret because he says “humanity isn’t ready,” the Jerusalem Post reports.