Nothing to See; Georgia Election Chief Dismisses "Suitcase full of Votes" Video as Normal Procedure - The Jewish Voice
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Nothing to See; Georgia Election Chief Dismisses “Suitcase full of Votes” Video as Normal Procedure

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A top elections official in Georgia dismissed allegations that officials used secret “suitcases” of fraudulent votes to ensure that President-elect Joe Biden won Georgia.

Meanwhile, Georgia Govoerner Kemp seems convinced of the video and recommends a signature audit.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, reacted to a state Senate hearing on Thursday in which election night surveillance video from State Farm Arena in Atlanta was introduced, and attorney Jacki Pick claimed that election officials waited until oversight staffers went home to uncover chests containing thousands of ballots for Biden, Washington Examiner reported

Sterling told Newsmax on Friday that the video does not show what the Trump team claims.

“We’ve had our investigators watch all, many, several hours of it yesterday and what essentially happened is, and we knew about part of this on election night itself, around 10:15-10:20, there’s two groups of people in this room that are working,” Sterling stated. “There are cutters, the people who are opening the envelopes, and there are the ones who are scanning.”

He also claims there was no suitcase, even though in the video, a worker takes a suitcase out from under a table. He claims they are regular absentee carriers.  The video has been reported on by TJV and is viral

Here is his Newsmax interview

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