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The Jewish Voice Stands With You & Needs Your Support

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The tallying up of numbers in the presidential race is still ongoing with no indications at the time of this writing when an official announcement of the victor will be made. However, as the days fly by, it appears that the era of President Trump is coming to a close. Not good news for American Jewry nor for the State of Israel. We offer our heartfelt prayers to the One Above that the next administration will dedicate itself towards the preservation of the unwavering America-Israel relationship.


As such, we appeal to our subscribers, readers, advertisers and supporters to join with us to form a band of loyal brothers and sisters in continuing to fight for our continued existence. We, at the JV feel our future is in jeopardy with the new administration. For some, that last statement might seem frighteningly extreme. For the last four years under the Trump administration, our “Letters to the Editor” section has had an overwhelming percentage of writers who agreed with our editorial policies that conformed with the President’s views and actions with respect to Israel, Iran, China, Palestinian terror and of course, his support for the harassed Jewish students on college campuses.


During this time our subscriptions have skyrocketed, with our readership and advertising at an all-time high. This sends a real message to us who oversee this publication. In a sea of liberal “Jewish” newspapers in the area who closed their eyes to the threats against the Jewish communities, we pat ourselves on the back for fearlessly using the printed word to try to educate all people, Jews and non-Jews alike to the threats to all organized religions emanating from the extreme Left. Not only have we vastly improved our weekly print edition, but each morning, tens of thousands of subscribers receive our digital edition in their inboxes. This extraordinarily popular daily e-mail blast is brimming with breaking news stories, insightful analysis as well as expert commentary on the issues of the day. Moreover, we have garnered hundreds of thousands of followers the world over through the power of our social media platforms and the constant engagement with our diverse readership.


Here’s why we will need your support more than ever.

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We will continue to report to you the real events and threats to Israel. Compare us on this subject to what you read about the Jewish State in the pages of the near libelous, openly hostile to Israel, New York Times, The Daily News or CNN. They demean the only true democracy in the Middle East with their editorial-like front pages. They welcome in op-ed writers who are openly anti-Semitic with an ax to grind against Israel. Their Letters columns are replete with Far Left opinions that further sway their readers to join in to demand our nation’s abdication of our support for Israel. And slowly, but surely, their readership’s opinions are translated into votes for politicians who share their views. We, at the Jewish Voice welcome the sentiments of our readers, whether they are from the Left or Right and will always see to it that there is a balance of views from the public. How else can opinions be formed unless both sides are presented?


Log on to our free website,, peruse our pages, see what we have to offer. We give you local, city, national & global happenings. All of the preceding are not contaminated with our opinion. We give you pure, unadulterated news, citing sources, with photographs when available. We leave our opinions to our editorial staff and label them accordingly. We are proud of our religious section. Those of you who wish to learn the weekly parshios have only to go to this special section to learn more about the current Torah readings written by eminent rabbis.


We have a medical section with select articles on health topics of interest to our readers. A recent column in the October 30th issue was devoted to, “Diagnosing Retinal Disease with Artificial Intelligence.” Another on the same date, “Ultrasounds Show Impact of COVID-19 on the Heart,” had thousands of hits. The article featured the findings of internationally renowned and highly respected cardiologist, Dr. Valentin Fuster, the physician-in-chief at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. These articles are current and are selected for to educate our readers on everyday health issues.


Our Classified sections on real estate, employment and legal notices are a boon to those of interest in these areas. Our contact number for these growing sections is 800-998-0885. This same contact number can be used to find out about our full colored advertising sections covering all sorts of retail: Automobile dealers, attorneys, repair services, clothing merchants, jewelry stores all find our people easy to work with and helpful in increasing their business. Their ads keep us in business.


Our major responsibility is to deliver the news, pure news, to our readers. And we strive to do that each and every day of the week on our website and weekly in our printed pages. We promise you and all our supporters that we will stand toe-to-toe against our people’s enemies to prevent and ward off any attacks not only against Israel but Americans, Jews and non-Jews alike from the radical far Left or far-Right. They both endanger our democracy and freedoms. But we are a business and need your support in return. We welcome your advertising, subscriptions, donations and on-line readership. We cater to your needs and G-d willing we will all live to see us all safe, healthy, prosperous and free to voice our opinions without being persecuted or prosecuted for our views. Stay well and safe.



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