Letters to the Editor


AP Deceptive Article

Dear Editor:

Good day. I am writing over concern regarding the content of an article from your website. Tonight was my first ever encounter with your site, led to it after a search about releasing the kraken. The first thing that surprised me was that I found the article on a Jewish publication which does not seem tied to the orthodox community (which in at least this last election voted heavily in favor of Trump as opposed to the reform and conservative branches that heavily lean Biden), and to boot a Jewish publication from NY. I was also then surprised to read other articles on your site presenting just the fact concerning the election. Surprised again that you feature editorials from the likes of Caroline Glick, John Bolton etc. Maybe not all Trump supporters, but Republican/conservative none the least. Bottom line, it did not appear you are concerned with publishing simply what the mainstream media allows.

But then I ran across an AP article published on your site, https://thejewishvoice.com/2020/11/trump-friendly-newsmax-a-sudden-competitor-to-fox-news/, and some points in the article were typical of the media ‘s slant, consistently claiming that all of Trump’s allegations of voter fraud were, for example, “disproven or unaccompanied by evidence.” I would hope to think that a news outlet that does not seem apprehensive about supplying their readers the facts, knows that no major claim Trump has alleged has been disproven. It is impossible to have been disproven as of yet, as no evidence has been wholly presented by either side because the lawsuits are in the filing’s stages and no investigations or discovery has been completed. Additionally, stating that Trump’s claims are unaccompanied by evidence is flat out deception as there are hundreds of affidavits and other materials which are considered evidence.

I would hope the Jewish Voice will take greater care when publishing articles with misleading, non-factual statements and biased opinions presented as facts.

Thank you

Dan Saltzman, Esq.


Palestinian Money Buying Votes in Minneapolis

Dear Editor:

President Trump has been the most pro-Israel President in recent history, the Palestinians have an interest that Biden wins the elections since he will reestablish Obama’s policy and favor them vs Israel.

Basim Sabri allegedly gave money to Ilhan Omar to buy votes in exchange for defunding of Israel in Congress. The video below claims votes were bought in Minneapolis by Ilhan Omar’s people with money donated by Basim Sabri.

Here are the transcripts of parts of the video:

Former political worker “they have spent over $250,000 on this election…cash”

Journalist “they have that much cash to hand out?”

Former political worker “this is a big business, because look, this girl (Ilhan Omar) is going to propose how to end the money to Israel. Ali (Isse) Gainey and the owner of the mall (Basim Sabri)and Ilhan Omar’s campaign, the cash was coming from this guy. Because the money was being paid here in the mall.

Journalist “he’s Palestinian”

Former political worker “yeah, he is financing the whole thing”

Watch the video by James O’Keefe with attention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV7oDl8yDZk

Paying money for ballots or stealing ballots from elders is considered a crime. The information provided in the James O’Keefe’s (second video) below should also be investigated:


Quotes from the second video made in Minneapolis :

James O’Keefe (journalist):

“…Liban Mohamed (aka King Liban 1) boasts about the hundreds of absentee ballots in his car”

Liban Mohamed:

“You can see my car is full, all these absentee ballots, can’t you see, look at these! My car is full! my car is full! All these ballots are for Jamal Osman…Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman…Money is everything, money is the king of this world, if you ain’t got money you should not be here, period.”

Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party member:

“There was a video about that, he has the ballots in his car,…talking about the only way you can win is with money…I was looking at them and they were not filled, they were blank!”

James O’Keefe (journalist): “Who were filling the absentee ballots?”

Ballot Harvester: “People that work with Ilhan Omar”

James O’Keefe (journalist): “When do they pay the money?

Ballot Harvester: “…the minute we sign the thing, the ballot for the election, that’s when we get paid…”

Ezequiel Doiny


Push for Businesses to Sign onto ‘Pocono Promise’

Dear Editor:

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise across the Commonwealth and country, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau is encouraging more businesses to sign and adopt the Pocono Promise. Launched in May 2020, the initiative aims to protect residents, employees and guests across our four-county region.

The Pocono Promise was designed not just for the hospitality industry, but for the entire business community. In addition to our resorts, waterparks and restaurants, businesses such as auto shops, jewelry stores, real estate agencies, libraries, medical offices and construction companies have joined the Pocono Promise. Nearly 300 businesses of all shapes and sizes are committed so far.

“Yesterday, Gov. Tom Wolf and Dr. Rachel Levine announced an advisory urging Pennsylvanians to stay home. If you must go out, be assured businesses that signed the Pocono Promise have committed to following guidelines set forth by federal, state and local agencies,” said Chris Barrett, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau President/CEO. “It is important for businesses to not only sign the Pocono Promise, but to also live out its mission every day during these unprecedented times.”

Businesses can sign and adopt the Pocono Promise here then print this door sign and flyer for public display.

Before traveling to or from Pennsylvania, read the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s latest guidance on their web site.

Brianna Strunk – Public Relations Manager
Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau


The United Nations Hate Filled Agenda

Dear Editor:

The UN “unites” only when it can falsely persecute Israel but remains silent about the actual atrocities going on in plain sight, which makes this body of hate complicit, illegal and immoral.

UN Watch, “The numbers alone reveal the UN’s irrational obsession with only the Jewish State which amounts to an extreme case of selective prosecution. General Assembly Condemnatory Resolutions-2015 to Present: Israel 96; Iran 4; N. Korea-5; China-0; Qatar-0; Myanmar 7. https://unwatch.org/database/

Qatar practices strict Sharia law under Islam while the UN practices silence, “Qatar’s penal code criminalizes sodomy. Individuals convicted of zina (sex outside of marriage) can be sentenced to flogging (if unmarried) or the death penalty (if married). Women who report rape can find themselves prosecuted for consensual sex instead.”

“EU states are expected to support most of the estimated 20 resolutions to be adopted against Israel by December. These same European nations have failed to introduce a single UNGA resolution on the human rights situation in China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Algeria, or on 175 other countries,” said Neuer. “Where’s their supposed concern for international law and human rights?”

“Today’s resolutions claim to care about Palestinians, yet the UN is oblivious to more than 3,000 Palestinians who have been slaughtered, maimed and expelled by Assad’s forces.” “Today’s farce at the General Assembly underscores a simple fact: the UN’s automatic majority has no interest in truly helping Palestinians, nor in protecting anyone’s human rights; the goal of these ritual, one-sided condemnations is to scapegoat Israel,” said Neuer.

President elect Biden and Harris call for a new age of cooperation and healing. Let’s hope Israel will also be a recipient of some of the healing and equity promised to all, for a change.

Misha Seeches