How Is FBI Director Christopher Wray Tied To Hunter Biden’s Laptop ?


Jared Evan

In a USA Today article from 2017, Kenneth F. McCallion wrote about Christopher Wray being appointed to be the next FBI Director.

“The most troubling issue that Wray may face is the fact that his law firm — King & Spalding — represents Rosneft and Gazprom, two of Russia’s largest state-controlled oil companies”, McCallion wrote.

At the time, the media was heavily reporting on the discredited Steele Dossier, in an effort to prove Trump was corrupted by Russian oligarchs. Rosneft was prominently mentioned in the now infamous 35-page dossier prepared by former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele.

Also, in 2017 CNN reported that Wray removed ALL references to his representation of Rosneft.

The media’s message was Wrey is connected to the Russia-Trump investigation, and there is a conflict of interest.

McCallion wrote in 2017:If Wray was confirmed as the FBI director, and then had to recuse himself with regard to some or all of the Russia-related aspects of the critical investigation being conducted by the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller, the potential damage to the investigation could be significant. If Wray refused to recuse himself from the Russia-Trump investigation — or at least acknowledge the potential conflict issue, a serious cloud could be cast over the FBI’s level of commitment to the investigation.

Well, it turns out Wray may have to recuse himself from a different FBI investigation, one which we are hearing nothing about from the FBI thus far; The Hunter Biden laptop.


Rosneft. The Russian state oil company.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of the Biden family and whistleblower went on Tucker Carlson to discuss Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ye Jianming, the chair of a major Chinese energy firm (CEFC)

CEFC tried to buy a 14% stake in Rosneft, the Russian state oil company. At that time, Russia faced sanctions because of its invasion of Ukraine and seizure of Crimea in 2014. The Financial Times reported that the CEFC deal was to help Rosneft find new markets “as relations deteriorate with the west.”

Bobulinski further explained that Hunter Biden allegedly acted as the “personal attorney” for Ye Jianming in the failed deal between CEFC and Rosneft.

So the FBI director didn’t pose a conflict of interest to the now-discredited Russia-Gate and Steel Dossier affairs, but rather the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal.

Hunter’s laptop includes details about the deal between the Russians and the Chinese to circumvent Trump’s Russian sanctions, according to numerous reports.

As Investment Watch blog wrote:

Wray’s FBI has been sitting on Biden’s laptop because includes all of the details about his client’s (Rosneft) deal with the Bidens and China. I doubt he wants the details of the attempted circumvention of Trump’s sanctions to get out.

It appears Christopher Wray was a poor choice after all.

Wray’s appointment as FBI director essentially benefited the Biden’s, not Donald Trump.

Because the FBI still has not released any information on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, a good portion of American’s doesn’t know about it or thinks it’s Russian Propaganda from Rudy Guiliani.

Christopher Wray has to go. He is literally a danger to national security himself.