Gov. Cuomo Counts Brother Chris Among his ‘Four Sisters’ During Interview

Chris Cuomo & Andrew Cuomo. Photo Credit: AP

By Ellen Cans

The brotherly love on display time and again during Chris Cuomo’s televised sessions was less apparent in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s revealing radio interview.

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave an interview on Sirius XM‘s “The Howard Stern Show,” in which he spoke about himself as the “man of the house” in his late teen years, stepping up to watch his “four sisters— a tally which includes his younger brother Chris.

Gov. Cuomo spoke about how his father, the late former three-term Gov. Mario Cuomo, had been a workaholic and barely ever home. “I never met anybody who worked like my father…he was literally seven days a week,” Cuomo said. “The deal with my mother was he’d be home Sunday night at 7 to have dinner with the family. I mean, who gets that deal? And then he never showed up at 7.”

As reported by the NY Post, Cuomo, who was the second of five children, said it was up to him to fill in for his absent father. “I was the man in the house — not to get sexist, right?” he said. “My father was gone, I had four sisters, and I was the man in the house to take care of them.”

Cuomo, 62, also noted that raising the household was good training for him as a future New York governor. “My job is to help take care of the state and to love everyone in the state and support everyone in the state.” It all sounds good and nice till we count his siblings and note that he had only three sisters along with his brother Chris.

As per the Post, Mario and Matilda Cuomo’s offspring include: the eldest sister Dr. Margaret Cuomo, a radiologist; Gov. Cuomo; Maria Cuomo Cole, chairwoman of the non-profit HELP USA and the wife of fashion designer Kenneth Cole; Madeline Cuomo, a lawyer; and the baby of the family Chris Cuomo.

Chris,50, is married to Cristina Greeven Cuomo, with whom he has three children. He is the host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” program, in which he repeatedly graciously featured his brother during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. On Chris’s show, the brothers had often joked together, and Chris also took part in one of his brother’s official briefings to discuss his personal encounter with COVID-19. That segment had ended with the two brothers telling each other, “I love you”.

Gov. Cuomo’s office commented later to say that the governor simply misspoke and meant to say he watched over his four siblings.