CVS Says It Will Be Ready to Provide Nursing Homes With COVID-19 Vax


By Cathy Burke(NEWSMAX)

CVS CEO Larry Merlo on Sunday said its pharmacy operation will be ready to provide coronavirus vaccinations in nursing homes across the country within 48 hours after it receives the doses.

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Merlo confirmed it will be able to provide the much-anticipated vaccinations to nursing homes first.

“Our first involvement will be in long-care facilities, this is not new to us,” he said, noting CVS pharmacies also provide seasonal flu shots in those facilities.

“We have logistics for it,” he said of the massive delivery, adding “more than 25,000 nursing home facilities have chosen CVS as their provider.”

“Forty-eight hours after we receive that vaccine we will be in those facilities giving those shots,” he vowed.

Merlo said CVS has also been in contact with the Biden COVID-19 team, and said the company will have no blind spot when it comes to providing immunizations in underserved communities.

“We have reached out to the Biden COVID task force,” he said, and emphasized to the team “the role we played… in testing… [and] the plans we have to administer the vaccine.”

“We have built mobile kiosks… in underserved communities to test” for the coronavirus, he said.

“We could take [that approach] to a particular location… for testing… and when the vaccine becomes available,” he added.