Can the GOP Have a Place in NY Politics?

We wish to give a congratulatory message to Congresswoman elect, Nicole Malliotakis

Who said that New York was out of reach of Republican Conservatives? Certainly not the Jewish Voice! We are exceptionally proud of our significant contributions in terms of chipping away at the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive control of our lives, our city, our country and our future.

At this propitious juncture, we wish to give a congratulatory message to Congresswoman elect, Nicole Malliotakis, whom we wholeheartedly supported in the race for the 11th Congressional District race which covers Staten Island and South Brooklyn. This should only encourage all of us to start working now to add more responsible, conservative, pro-America legislators to all offices, large and small, to ensure the future for our kids will be in good hands.

What the GOP in New York City and beyond must understand is that this victory as well as the re-election of Congresswoman Elise Stephanik in the upstate region essentially translates into the fact that the Republican party can gain substantial traction in New York. It is not inconceivable at all, despite the fact that the Democratic party maintained a solid foothold here since the early 20th century. Times are indeed changing and for changing times we need new leaders with policy perspectives that deeply resonate with us.

While it is quite unfortunate that the GOP in New York has had no vibrant and innovative leadership to offer candidates guidance and public relations savvy, all is not lost. With the proper leadership that is driven to success, the GOP can make impactful inroads by creating a working partnership with the conservative and Jewish media. In a city such as New York, there are countess conservative publications, radio stations and web sites, as well as infinite social media platforms in which to get the message across. And let’s remember the sheer power of the Jewish media, with their right-wing Orthodox newspapers, magazines, web sites, and radio programs.

The Jewish Voice has earned the reputation of successfully focusing on news in the city and its local environs. It’s time for the Republican Party to wake up to the potential that they’ve neglected for umpteen years. They have to get on the stick to work with, support and partner with the Jewish Voice, among others, to get the message out to our readers and followers of what they have to offer city voters.

We have all but shouted out the warnings of our decline. We herald the prosperity that capitalism has afforded us. But we need help and support from the political powers that be.

Perhaps there should be a meeting of the minds of the city’s conservative press and media and the political leaders who think as we do, to work together as a team to educate the public to the dangers being mounted against us by the liberals occupying both political and media office. We believe a consortium of such people and groups would set us all on the right path to saving our great city. And very humbly, we at the Jewish Voice will do all in our power to organize such an event. “If we don’t stand together,”……….you know the rest.