Why Israel is on the Ballot


By Jon Voight

People ask me why I’m so supportive of Israel and of Donald Trump.

I was born in 1938, and therefore was alive through the time of the Holocaust, and I also witnessed the ratification of Israel as the historic homeland of the Jewish people in 1948. I saw the attacks on this tiny state from the beginning through to today. Of all the dangers to Israel, the most frightening is the existence of Iran as led by the Mullahs with its pledge to wipe the Jews into the sea.
The Iran deal under the prior administration paved the way for that very destruction with its promise of a nuclear Iran within a decade.

Donald Trump dismantled this poisonous agreement.

Joe Biden has promised to reinstate it, if he becomes president.

Donald Trump has brought our embassy to Jerusalem. Prior presidents promised to do this, to curry favor with voters, but then never followed through. This move has important ramifications, as are the designations of the proper borders of Israel that President Trump has acknowledged in various ways: one being the demarcations set forth in his peace plan. With these moves, he has paid respect to the Bible account of God’s gift of the land to Abraham, and all the succeeding drama of the land and the Jewish people testified to by the journey of Moses and the utterances of the ancient Hebrew prophets.

And now President Trump has brought a third Arab country in the past two months to make peace with Israel, giving the world hope that, for the first time in modern history, the neighbors in that troubled area might find a way to peace.

It is appropriate that Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel prize, but he is just beginning. I hope everyone who loves Israel and the Jewish people will vote for him to continue his work for us all. God bless.