The Democrats Are Backed Against the Wall……Watch Out!

Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi

It’s crunch time for the challenging Democrats. We’re coming down to blastoff-like countdown numbers ’til November 3rd. The real leaders of the Dem Party, not those shock troops carrying placards in the streets, but the real mavens of policy, who call the shots from behind their desks, are starting to sweat. They have smarts. How long before their candidate goes completely off the wall and is no longer able to be protected by the willingly accommodating media? Biden has already twice repeatedly claimed to nationwide audiences that he’s running for a Senate seat. His behavior to both fans and interviewers have increasingly shown his mean side. He’s ready to implode under the pressure. In addition, Trump’s almost miraculous recovery from the virus and the massive crowds cheering him on at his open air rallies indicate another 2016-like disaster for the Left. They know it. And this frightens them.

Throw in the exposure of Hunter’s exploits that have his Dad’s fingerprints all over the scandals that are slowly leaking out and raising the awareness to those who have yet to cast their ballots. The laughably rigged “polls” reminiscent of those in 2016 are fading in relevance. It’s clear to the Left’s top brass that the Donald Trump of today is nothing like he was when he faced off against Hillary. He was then a big question mark in the minds of every citizen. He had no political history at all. He ran solely on promises which politicians rarely keep once they attain office. Trump kept his; every one. People noticed.

Blue collar Democrat workers not only retained their jobs but employment opportunities increased. America became not only energy independent but became the major producer and exporter of such power sources. Trump lowered taxes, made peace in the Middle East, re-bargained trade agreements in our favor, sent shivers down the spines of the dictators in China, North Korea, Iran, hung Putin out to dry and is pulling out of our age-old wars. All this and much more in only less than four years with the Democrat jackals at his throat 24/7. Throw in the ludicrous spectacle of his impeachment by the House which began a few days before his swearing in, which unfortunately for the Left, raised his stature as a winner.

The unruly and unprofessional recent handling of the NBC Miami “Town Hall” by Savannah Guthrie, that went off the wall did not sit well for the crucial voters on the fringe. Amy Barrett’s hearings unveiled the bias of the Left towards her Christian beliefs. Christian voters, especially those millions who sat out 2012 because of Trump’s brashness, noticed, nodded and have been inspired to vote. The foundation of Biden’s campaign is cracking. Something drastic has to be done, now at the finish line, to panic the voters, to short circuit the voting process, to divert voters’ attention, to basically destroy the election and eventually declare the outcome null and void. How to do this and what to expect in the days ahead? Nothing’s off the table for the Radical Left.

Look for those vandalous thugs in the armies of the BLM and Antifa, who, in recent years were in Spring Training, to be called out in the next two weeks to strike fear into the hearts of America. If polling places were to be vandalized and destroyed prior to November 3rd, could there not be a demand by the Schumers and Pelosis to call the election null and void due to “the denial of voting opportunities”? If vehicles toting completed ballots were hijacked, what then of a reliable count? Do you recall the two Black Panthers in Philadelphia during the 2008 voting process who physically and verbally intimidated voters in front of a polling station, to vote in support of Barack Obama? They were exonerated by Obama’s wing man, Eric Holder. It worked then for the Democrats and look for more like that to occur by November 3rd. Nothing is off the table for the Radical Left.

The Democrats cannot afford to lose this election. But they have no one else to blame but their leaders. The effrontery to all of us to put an obviously ailing and incoherent Joe Biden for the top spot and for VP, Kamala Harris, who couldn’t even carry her state in the primaries, indicates their lack of judgment. They are at wit’s end and will risk the destruction of the nation to regain power. They are capable of anything. And that’s scary. Watch out!