Standing With the NY Post on the Biden Story

Joe Biden with China’s Xi Jinping in February 2012. (AP)

We, at The Jewish Voice, stand shoulder to shoulder with The New York Post in its chilling revelation of then Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter’s obviously being bought off by corrupt Ukraine officials. Unfortunately, the social media giants, Twitter and Facebook whom we’ve been constantly outing as agents of the Far Left, have been playing hide-and-seek with this story since it broke. It is a major piece of reporting on the part of the Post but the Democrat controlled media is keeping it under the covers to protect Biden.

According to e-mails from Hunter’s laptop that he left discarded at a repair shop, Vice President Biden met in 2015 with a top official of Burisma, a Ukrainian firm employing Hunter. Shortly thereafter, VP Biden pressured Ukrainian officials into firing the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma for criminal activities. This was a bold, outrageous, illegal use of American foreign policy power, not only to clear the Ukrainian firm but also to line the pockets of what is becoming known as the Biden Family Enterprises. Hunter and his mishpocha (family) made fortunes from the mis-use of Joe’s position as our VP.

But Twitter and Facebook claim these charges and the clear evidence of corruption are not enough to give the story coverage. It’s shameful for both of these giants, to not even have the reporter’s curiosity to let their users dig deeper into the story.

When it came to the now proven false charges that Trump colluded with and was a pawn of Russia’s Putin, both Twitter and Facebook jumped on this work of political fiction and carried comments swamping Trump with accusations of treason and disloyalty to America. There was a three-year period of investigation by a Left leaning team under Mueller that eventually fell flat on its face. But this story about the Biden’s, with e-mails, photographs, names, dates and clear evidence of Joe’s misuse of his power are not enough for these major social media heavies to give the public an opportunity to submit, learn about and make decisions regarding years of highly questionable behavior from Biden and his family.

We call on our legislatures in DC to investigate those in the front offices of Facebook and Twitter to determine if they purposely and with political intent are seeking to keep this story from its members and contributors. Their behavior will surely lead to the destruction of our free press and our precious freedom of expression. We, at this point, can put both Facebook and Twitter in the same category of Pravda, the former Soviet news source that worked hand in hand with dictator, Josef Stalin. In other words, corrupt to the core.

Sadly, Twitter and Facebook, the social media giants with the most influence on the way Americans gather and learn about all sorts of information, including politics overtly and openly geared up to tamp down on this blockbuster story to protect the candidacy of Joe Biden. The big-wigs at these groups should review the 2015 movie, “Spotlight,” in order to get an idea of what journalism should be all about. And we mean, “American Journalism,” not what is practiced now in Cuba, Venezuela, China and North Korea and is now emulated by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, The New York Time, The Washington Post and on and on.